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A 10-piece nipple pump set with everything you need for long-lasting, erect nipples. The set includes 2 pumps and 4 pairs of nipple rings of varying circumferences for tailored stimulation and heightened sensitivity - whatever your size.


Select a suitable pump size and stretch your chosen nipple ring over the plastic end. Squeeze the bulb and place the opening over your nipple, allowing the pump to gently suck your nipple into the cylinder. Your nipple will begin to swell with sensitivity as blood is drawn to the area.


Keeping the pump attached, slide the nipple ring down towards your body and onto your nipple. To remove the pump, squeeze the bulb once and hey presto, heightened nipple pleasure is yours.

Key Features:
  • Nipple pump set with rings for long-lasting, erect nipples
  • 1 x pump with 0.5 inch opening and 1 x pump with 0.3 inch opening
  • Rubber, easy-squeeze bulbs for straightforward use
  • 4 x pairs of stretchy nipple rings maintain sensitivity
  • Size options: 0.5, 0.3, 0.25 and 0.2 inches fit most nipples


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Nipple Pump 10 Piece Set Date Added: Friday 22 January, 2016

by Nicole, Jamieson

Nipples glorious nipples. I love a good set of nipples – and for some people they’re highly sensitive. There’s a reason why some people get them pierced. Winky Winky. Now, all the other body parts have pumps and vibrators and all sorts of fun and exciting things, then why can’t the nipples have some fun too?
Now aside from clamps, and the occasional vibrator on the nipples how else can they have some fun? The answer is simple and it lies in the 10 piece nipple pump set by seven creations. Clamps are fantastic for creating some nipple stimulation, however, once you have a clamp on, there’s really not much else you can do with it, except tug it of course. With this nipple pump set you can increase the size of the nipple, place pressure on it, and have it stick out a little more than usual for some sensational nipple action. It works with the same principle as a cock pump.
1. Pick a nipple pump size (this set comes with two sizes)
2. Place a small band over the base of the pump and then put the pump over the nipple.
3. Pump it.
4. Once you have achieved your desired level, slide the ring off the cylinder to catch the nipple and hold it in place and then remove the pump.

I must note that this is only a basic nipple pump and is designed to see if you like the sensation or not. This particular set is not designed to increase size (in the same fasion as a cock pump) but merely to make the actual nipple more erect.

You can then engage with some playful nipple seduction with some ice cubes, a warternberg wheel, a silver spoon (try it), some candle wax (Soy based only), a vibrator or some good old fashioned tongue.Before you dismiss the power of nipple stimulation i'll draw your attention to a study done a few years ago which put people under an MRI scan whilst they recieved stimulation to specific body parts and measured the reaction. The nipples, in the majority of cases, caused a brain reaction that mimicked thew stimulation of the genitals. That's some pretty powerful nipples.

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