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Nicki Boy is always on hand to make sure your Prostate is well and truly feeling the lurrrrve! Smooth sleek and sexy this surgical steel Prostate Plug is designed to fit comfortably in place. Available in three different sizes .. we are sure no-one will miss out ... One thing we cant be sure of is that there wont be any fighting over this awesome piece.


Small Length 113mmx Insertable 55mm Width at widest point 25mm

Medium Length 115mmx Insertable 56mm Width at widest point 26  mm

Large Length 123mmx Insertable 70mm Width at widest point 34mm



For the best range of bondage gear online you cannot go past the hell’s couture BDSM range. Simple put it is massive with penis plugs to die for and fetish sex toys that will amaze. Like a bit of extra sensory play then grab hold of a wartenberg wheel or perhaps a full faced hood to deprive your sense of sight whilst heightening your others. Leather cuffs and collars for the most ardent of fetliving enthusiasts.   Broaden your sexual horizons and make your playtime more fun and intimate with a bit of role playing you will be amazed at the reward this may bring. With the largest CBT range online and fancy new packaging find out why Hell’s Couture is the preferred brand for all those kinksters out there!

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Nicki Steel Prostate Plug Date Added: Tuesday 22 December, 2015

by Amy, Bondoona

I'm going through a bit of a Hell's couture appreciation phase and I've been gushing over a few items. I'm literally a kid on Christmas (AJ's Birthday more importantly) excited for a set few products in the HCS range. Here it is Hells Couture NICKI the Nicki Prostate plug. Don't let the word prostate deter you, these are a plug for everyone! Coming in three sizes made of 316 surgical grade stainless steel. (top quality steel on good authority!) polished to a mirror finish so perfect you could take a selfie in the larger plug. Steel is great for temperature play see my other HCS reviews for further information.
The curvaceous shape of the plug is infallible. larger rounded head resting on a sweeping arm coming to the base, a rounded handle big enough to fit a digit or two in when inserting or retrieving the plug. Its easy to run your hand over the 123mm insertable length of the larger plug and not feel any seams, ridges or burrs on this enchantingly polished plug. below is an excerpt from xsales detailing the propotions of these teel toys

Small Length 113mmx Insertable 55mm Width at widest point 25mm
Medium Length 115mmx Insertable 56mm Width at widest point 26mm
Large Length 123mmx Insertable 70mm Width at widest point 34mm
three sizes designed to fit any body!

Due to steel being well steel it is possible to use any lubricant you like on this toy such as super slyde and clean up is also a cinch! boil it, wipe it over with some wicked foam and fresh or was with a 10% bleach solution.
This is a pleasure plug because its for everybody not just prostate stimulation! it can be for wearing all day or solely just bedroom play. Women can wear theirs during sex for massage, added pressure and a tighter sensation for their partner who should also wear their Nicki plug during intercourse as there are a plethora of never endings in the anus that can be stimulated with simply inserting this plug! The handle as mentioned above great for manoeuvrability particularly when it comes to great prostate play. the plug can be used pointing toward or away from the prostate to provide different styles of stimulation. Pointing this toy away from the prostate can make it a wonderful all day companion. Nicki is suitable to be worn all day as the handle fits snugly between the cheeks. The extremely skinny neck of this toy has the sphincter relaxed around it reducing the likelihood of your body trying to expel it during daywear. I can literally recommend this "pleasure" plug to anybody you know a few quick points why:
- medical grade steel - antibacterial, no lingering butt smell and clean up is a breeze.
- availability to use a host of lubricants
- three sizes - fitting to all bodies and requirements
- temperature play - wear all day or just bedroom play
- prostate stimulation.

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