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The luxurious silicone Nexus Gyro is a hands free toy like no other! Made from super soft silicone for added flexibility and comfort, the fantastically versatile Gyro utilises motion to stimulate the anal canal and massage the prostate. With a pivot ball base, the Gyro stays in place all on its own leaving the user free to indulge in other delights.

- Contoured Shaft for the perfect fit
- Hands free pivot base
- Made from phthalate-free, super soft silicone
- For use with water based lubricants only
- 100% Waterproof
- Hands free pleasure!

Shaft length: 10cm (3.94ins)
Shaft circumference: 12.7cm (5ins)
Ball base circumference: 12.7cm (5ins)


Nexus sex toys continues to build upon the success of the Vibro and now boasts a full range of vibrating and non-vibrating medical grade silicone and stainless steel toys, as well as an electro sex range which all adhere to the same fundamental concept behind Nexus: beautifully designed adult toys in quality materials with optimum functionality.

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Nexus GYRO Date Added: Thursday 03 March, 2016

by Martine, Chelmsford

The Gyro is a prostate massager developed for the most adventurous males (prostately speaking) willing to upgrade from a beginners size to something a bit more stimulating. It is large: about six and half inches long and almost two inches diameter. The first factor to appreciate is the amazingly soft, high quality silicone it is made of. It feels like velvet to the touch, which eases the insertion with any water-based lubricant.

As for the shape, the Gyro has a bulbous, thick neck and pointed forward tip that is designed to press right on the prostate. The toy is solid and heavy, which makes easier to reach the prostate's GSpot and fosters the feeling of having a toy inserted through the anus. The base is an almost full globe that gives the toy most of the heft, and allows the user to 'gyrate' it by 360 degrees searching for stimulation and the male GSpot orgasm.

As opposed to other rectal dildos, the Gyro comes some instructions inside, which I find quite handy for optimal pleasure. What I have learnt about dildos by reading such instructions is that after being inserted, the user should relax for 10-15 minutes to give the rectum and prostate time to adjust. Only after that, one is supposed to rock back and forth with or without penis stimulation. In order to achieve a prostate orgasm, just when one is about to reach the orgasm, he is supposed to stop stimulating the penis and just 'gyrate' the toy.

Its high grade silicone can be boiled, put in the dishwasher, or rubbed with alcohol or antibacterial toy cleaner to disinfect it after use, and when we are talking about an anal toy, this is an important aspect.

Overall, this can be a very pleasing toy that I would recommend to experienced males in prostate stimulation. However, due to its large size and extreme curve, it will not be suitable for beginners.

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