Neon Love Ties

Nylon binds, stretchy and versatile, light bondage play, wrist or ankle restraints

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Neon Love Ties

You'll be amazed at how many knotty things you can do with these Neon Nylon Love Ties! The stretchy ties are versatile, perfect for light bondage play and easy to use for beginners. The soft fabric feels great against your skin, yet it's strong to ensure that your lover won't escape anytime soon. Use them as wrist or ankle restraints, as a blindfold or gag, or even a complex hogtie. The possibilities are endless…and so is the fun!


If you want to explore wild fantasies, Neon Love Ties would be the perfect for you. It is made of super-soft and super-stretchy materials, which gives sensual touch to your skin. When you bind your partner with it to explore your wild desire, they can’t be escaped. You can use it as a gag or blindfold as well as ankle or wrist restraints.  

If you want to look for the dirtiest sexual fantasies along with your intimate partner, Neon Love Ties would be the ultimate adult novelty for you. It’s considered as the ideal for beginners, who have not used any kind of sex toys or adult novelties so far. It is made using soft and stretchable materials, which will give the smooth touch of your sensuous skin and at the same time, your partner won’t be able to escape from you.

Neon Love Ties are one of the most popular adult novelties by which you can get fulfill your wild desire in an unusual way with your lover and your lover will also enjoy very much. One of the specialties of this adult toy is that it is made of ultra-soft materials which will give the sensual touch to your skin. So, it can be used as blindfold or gag as well as ankle or wrist restraints for your partner to explore your wild desire.  

Explore your wild desire with one of the most popular adult novelties, Neon Love Ties! You will get unusual erotic experience with this sex toy. It is made of super-soft material and it will give sensual soothe to your soft skin. Your lover won’t be escape if you bind them with it and explore your hidden desire according to your specific sexual needs and requirements.  

Get sensational pleasures with one of the most popular adult novelties, Neon Love Ties! Ultra-soft and super-stretchy fabrics are used to make it. Thus, it is so soft and gives pleasurable touch to your skin. So, you can tie your lover as a gag or blindfolding and they won’t be able to escape. Moreover, they will feel the ultimate pleasure and you can explore your wild fantasies with your lovers. 


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