Neon Finger Fun Massager

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Neon Luv Touch, Phthalates Free, Waterproof, Discreet, Multispeed, Vibrates, G-Spot, Ribbed

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Neon Finger Fun Vibes

Nothing like extra tools to ensure a job is well done.  Put on this finger vibe and amaze your partner with your electric fingering technique.  Put your finger on your girls clitoris to get a squeal of surprise followed by gasps of deliver.  Lots of fun and incredible vibrations will whisk your partner away and give you the ultimate foreplay technique.


Whether the requirement is to give an intense clitoral stimulation to your dream girl, Neon Finger Fun Vibe must be involved. It is one of the most popular sex toys in Australia along with the rest of the world by men as well as women. Women can use it to rub their clit by putting vibe into their fingers while men use to tease their partner by rubbing it vigorously. Thus, you can get the ultimate erotic pleasures with the great satisfaction by using this toy in your foreplay.

Be sure to use water-based lube to enhance the sensation of the toy and the pleasure it provides!

Enjoy the ultimate tickling sensation in your clitoris by your intimate partner using Neon Finger Fun Vibe. You will feel electrifying wave in their whole body whenever your partner touches your most sensitive organ with this toy. You’ll scream like you are too much hungry for sex. Your partner will tease you and you will enjoy lots of fun and lastly, you want to be fucked wildly by your partner. Thus, you will get an orgasm that you will never feel before.

Enjoy the ultimate clitoral stimulation by yourself or by your intimate partner using the ultimate sex toy, Neon Finger Fun Vibe. It is manufactured using very soft and skin-friendly materials, which will give a soothe feeling in your pussy. You would like to put it on your clit for a long time and your partner will use to rub it there to tease you until you ask them for a wild fuck. Thus, you will be wildly fucked by your partner with the help of this toy.


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