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4 Seasons, Ice Cold Condoms

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Using the NAKED SHIVER CONDOMS is an experience that you will live to treasure. Wearing this condom will leave you not believing whether you are wearing anything at all. This condom has been developed using the latest condom making technology and you can thus expect nothing than the best from it. The condom has been specially designed in a way that it only increases strength but also sensitivity as well.

6 Pack and 12 Pack

Not only will you experience the sheer sensation of the Naked condom, but now you can feel the extra, intense sensation of Shiver. The specially formulated lubricant will send shivers down your spine, and is designed to heighten sexual arousal for both you and your partner.

  • Condom Nominal Width 54mm


Four Season Condoms are Australian owned and cater are designed to fit all shapes and sizes from tighter condoms to larger ones. Novelty condoms like Glow N Dark are very popular as well as Ice and flavored ones. Advocates for safe sex they promote their message through sexual health clinics, schools, and family planning and government agencies. Sex is supposed to be fun and healthy and Four Seasons enable you to enjoy without the fear of STI’s. Recognized as a world leader in creative condom design and technologies you know you will be safe when using 4 Season.


ARTG Listing Number: 144896.

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