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Limon is Minna's newest creation. It blends our revolutionary squeeze technology with the highest level of craftsmanship and design for a spontaneous and sexy experience that works just as well for couples as it does for individuals. It's innovative features include...

- A brilliantly simple squeezable interface: the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. It’s that easy!
- Controlling the intensity without fumbling with buttons makes Limon just as much fun for couples as it is for individuals - tease and please your partner or yourself...
- Unique Rumble Motor Technology for unprecedented strength - vroom vroom!
- Everyone’s body is different - customisable memory lets you have a completely personalised experience
- A beautiful design that is ergonomic, fun and discreet
- And finally, Limon is of course rechargeable, waterproof and made with the highest quality 100% body-safe materials

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Minna Limon Date Added: Saturday 21 November, 2015

by Chandra, Batemans Bay

Unique, Different and fun are the first 3 words that come to mind when I think of the Limon. Its name comes from it's obvious shape (a lemon)

Unique? because of it's shape. It has the same shape of an egg however, on the top side of the Limon it comes together like a little point, this is fantastic as it allows pin point stimulation for the clitoris or numerous erogenous zones for example running it down the back end of the penis. Also due to its round shape it can cover a wide surface area if you want to stimulate more of the desired area.

Different? Unlike most toys that used either buttons or twist functions to turn the motors on... Limon is abit more cheeky! The Limon has squeeze technology to determine how hard or how soft you would like you're vibrations. With a strong motor, even soft will send a tingle to all the right places. So when people ask what you are getting up to on friday night, simple... you're squeezing limon.. ops lemons

FUN!!!!!! The Limon does not come with any functions at all.. not one single pattern.. how boring! Well actually not really because what it does come with is a 10 second recording function that allows you to record the patter you like with the intensity you choose.. due to the squeeze function that allows you to determine how hard or soft you like it, this goes hand in hand to creating your most personalized orgasm ever!

Honestly I'm not even finished.. It has a 2-3 hour battery life when fully charged, is completely USB rechargeable, and is beautifully made out of 100% medical grade silicone. It its waterproof, however i advise not to take it into the bath or spa (damn)

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Minna Limon Date Added: Monday 09 March, 2015

by Julliana, Newton Park

Minna released the Ola about 18 months ago and I loved it. Ola utilized an innovation never seen previously in a vibrator – as opposed to pushing to control the vibrations, you crush an air-filled cushion on the handle. It was truly great for the individuals who like something new. You could also put your favorite modes and it would play it back to you.
The Minna Limon is a lot like the shape of a little lemon. The name is pronounced like "lee-moan". Given the organic product connection, I'd planned to really see a yellow vibrator however that would get excessively novel I presume. Rather, they offer the universal pink and blue-green. I adore the greenish blue. It's beautiful.
Vibrations and Intensity
Immediately, I could tell that Limon was stronger than Ola. The vibrations are a much lower-pitched sound than even the We-Vibe Tango, and are for sure damn rumbly. We like rumbly. I'd totally say that the Limon's vibrations more rumbly than the Leaf Fresh; yet the general force is just shy of the We-Vibe Tango. Limon's vibrations are a great deal more satisfying than the Je Joue Mimi – much deeper and accordingly more serious and it is a ton less demanding to use than the Mimi. The Minna Limon's vibrations are significantly more rumbly and more effective than the Uma. Contrasted with the We-Vibe Touch, the force is harder to rate – I imagine that right away the Touch is all the more effective, however the scarcest weight against the Touch hoses the vibrations radically, making the Limon in this way more extraordinary. Limon can experience effects of hosed vibrations because of intemperate weight or being encompassed by tissue with the expansion of weight. I found that because of the way I am built, I couldn't utilize Limon whilst sitting but lying down was better. The shape however would be more beneficial to ladies with effectively open clits, "outties", since the vibrations are amassed in the areola formed tip.
The Minna Limon charges by means of USB just, and sits on an attractive support. This attractive support is simpler to use than most, yet you will require a level surface where it won't be moved or knocked. It's really simple nowadays to place a USB-to-Wall-Adapter, and divider charging is typically my favored technique, as it would be for a great many people I think. With the Limon, you're relied upon to simply utilize a pen or paperclip or something, and that is fine, it meets expectations. I'm to a degree hesitant to make the charging issues a "con"; in light of the fact that regardless of their enhancements over the Ola's charging strategy, I'm still not a fanatic of USB charging or attractive chargers and I know I'm not alone.
For the individuals who truly simply need straight, never-waiver vibrations (like me) you can really control Limon into doing that, however it isn't the primary motivation behind the vibrator. So while I do love the vibrations, I feel like I'm under-using this thing. The shape and size of the Limon can be a bit bizarre, or a bit hard to utilize in the event that you can't get a handle on things in the middle of thumb and fore/center finger exceptionally well. On the other hand, it can be really cool. When you have your modes set and you switch it to Lock Replay mode, you can even now crush the sides without changing the vibration. I've additionally gently pressed the pillowy sides between my palm and a couple of fingers in the wake of getting it set up for an alternate style. The vibrations are genuinely extraordinary, and it causes the Limon to daintily turn around in your grasp (or wherever it rests in the event that it’s on straight vibrations) which can be exasperating or funny depending on your mood.

The silicone skin is super velvety delicate – it won't draw in any residue, it has no drag – and it can get somewhat elusive if your hand is truly smooth with liquids.
I'm not so much positioning the cost as a con – I don't generally like it when a sex toy costs over $100, and Minna is generally around the $119 or up. However, the touch-responsive is one of a kind, it is significant and the vibrations are great. I feel that the Limon can satisfy a more extensive scope of individuals and that makes the sticker somewhat more realistic.
As I've effectively said, the vibration is great. The strength is likewise pretty good. It's waterproof, has a pleasant feel, and can be anything but difficult to use. I like that you don't need to bobble around for buttons, either solo use or with a lover utilization. In spite of the fact that my lover has no issues making sense of how to use a vibrator on me, I assume that not needing to stress over buttons can be a major issue so Limon ‘takes the cake’ pardon the pun.
This truly is a relaxing vibrator. It could be one of the quietest I've ever experienced. The main snippets of rattling that I encountered happened when I was holding it amid "free play" or "record" mode, crushing it however much as could be expected to get the force level up as high as I could and my fingers really touched the center inside. Nobody will hear this thing.
I feel the vibrations require one more say – would they be able to be stronger? Certainly. I guess so but it is more than sufficient. Anyway when you change the vibrations to being so strong and thundering, I find that great force isn't generally required to get one off and can actually be a turn-off. The vibrations of the Limon are superior to the dominant part of other top shelf sex toys out there.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">4</span> of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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