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The Ultimate Anal Toy has gone Mega-sized. Mega Booty Beads are bigger and better in every way. The beads bend in every direction and are designed to open up for easier cleaning. Using one AA battery, you will feel the vibrations all the way through, as every bead vibrates from tip to tip so you won't miss a spot! Made with the ultra silky Breeze material, Mega Booty Beads are made seamless to make it feel amazing! Great for men and women, you'll need to get one for each of you. Mega Booty Beads are waterproof for fun in or out of the shower.


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Booty Beads with Functions Purple Date Added: Wednesday 13 April, 2016

by Jimmy, Sussex Inlet

I wonder when anal play will be given attention that it deserves. Will people be more enthusiastic about exploring the hidden treasures in their bodies apart from their frenulum or clitoris or will humankind end up with taboos that they cannot break? Don't be stubborn, get one of those anal toys, play with it, spice your sexual life up and have unforgettable moments with yourself or your partner, you love it!

There are heaps of different kinds of anal toys on the market such as beads, vibes, prostate massagers and among all brands Anal Fantasy, in my opinion, really knows what to do but today our toy is from PowerBullet. Although I don't know this brand beforehand, I will follow its products after seeing Booty Beads 2 for sure.

The Booty Beads 2 is made from soft to the touch Breeze material. Whilst beads seem firm the shaft is surprisingly flexible. It is 10 inches in length with 7 inches insertable part. The circumference of beads is 2.7 inches which makes the toy perfect for beginners. Moreover, the toy has vibrating bullet with 3 different intensities. Vibrations are powerful even at lowest mode which means that the Booty Beads 2 also suits advanced users for anal play. It is battery operated with 4 button batteries and comes with 3 sets of batteries in its package. The toy can be operated easily by pushing the button at the bottom of the bullet and vibrations go along the way down to the tip. Simply press the button again to switch modes and turn it off.

Flexible structure of the toy enables men to use it for having both perineum and prostate stimulation at the same time. However, I cannot say the same thing for women (I mean both anal and vaginal stimulation simultaneously) as the toy is splash proof. Still, use your imagination; bend it, twist it, make it handy for yourself because you have the most diverse and flexible anal toy on the planet.

The Booty Beads 2 is really easy to clean. Firstly, ensure the toy is straight, gently pull each end and twist either end in opposite directions until you lock it. Move beads around to clean all hidden spots, feel free to use an old toothbrush to make it cleaner. When finished cleaning twist in opposite direction to unlock.

Frankly, I cannot think of even a single drawback for this toy. Don't hesitate to have one. My rating for this toy is 10/10.

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