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 Get bound under lock and key with these Metal Handcuffs. No frills and no fuss – our metal handcuffs do the job the old-fashioned way with classic style. fom Sportsheets Manbound Metal Handcuffs. Nickel free metal handcuffs with quick release. Fully locking cuffs with metal keys included.

Includes: 1 pair of Nickel Free metal handcuffs with keys.


 Sportsheets helps couples find new pleasure and explore new positions together with soft bondage and sexual positioning tools. The Sportsheets culture of innovation heavily influences our approach to marketing and customer and consumer outreach. The Sportsheets’ staff educates distributors, stores, and home parties on current sexual trends and the importance of employee education in selling couples products.


Sportsheets lines include Sportsheets, Manbound, Sex In The Shower, Sex & Mischief, Under the Bed Restraint Systems.

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