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Male Edge Penis Extender & Case

A study has shown, that most men, who think that their size is too small are actually on or even above average. Your personal assumption that your penis is too small may have different causes – most likely media and exaggerated ideals of beauty play a role, but you might also just want to increase your penis size for your own personal reasons. However, we are not here to condemn your choice, but to lift a taboo. In fact, why is it frowned upon to talk about penis enlargement, when it is just another way of taking care of your body? We do not frown upon people who exercise in the gym or go to the solarium either. It goes even further – often, increasing the size of your penis adds a new dimension of quality to your life. Many of our customers reported that they have gained a new form of confidence that effected many more layers of their life than only the sexual aspects.

We made the experience that there are a couple of points that are especially of interest for men who are thinking about increasing their penis size. In the following we will cover how the MaleEdge Penis Enlarger is able to meet these specific demands.

Clearly. When a man chooses to opt for a penis enlarger that is based on the principal of penis traction instead of going for surgery or even pills and creams (that do not work anyways), it is very likely that it is important to increase penis size naturally.

Explained very briefly, traction – the principle on which MaleEdge is working - is what happens when you stretch/add traction to a part of the body. Over time, cells will grow to even out the traction – a completely natural process that results in natural increase in size – in this case natural increase in penis size.

Sleek in green and black, our Male Edge EXTRA comes with a range of useful extras and replacement parts, saving you both time and money. In addition to the BASIC accessories, our best-selling penis enlargement package also comes with a travel bag, two rubber straps and a protection pad. With the Male Edge EXTRA, you really have everything you need to reach your goals.

  • Penis Size Range - 4 cm (1.6 Inch) to 24 cm (9.5 Inch)
  • Printed Manual - 12 Languages
  • Instructional DVD
  • Male Edge Penis Enlarger
  • Rubber Strap x 2
  • Ruler / Measurer
  • Protection Pad

We are not gonna lie to you. Increasing your penis size is nothing that comes on a silver platter. It takes time, commitment and effort to gain visible results. Therefore, you might be interested in how long you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. If you use a penis extender like MaleEdge, the good news is: the increase in penis size which you have gained is permanent. It will never grow back or shrink. This is due to the fact that through penis traction new cells have grown in your penis.


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