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Enchant your lover with each sensuous stroke of the Roomfun Magic Massage Kit. A lot of massaging toys take the fun away by removing you from the action and seduction - that's why this kit is different. You simply strap these on to your hands, and youre still actively involved in the massage.


This 4-piece massage set features a hand-held velcro applicator and 3 textured massage pads, each providing their own magical sensation.Tease and tickle your lover with the soft rubber pad,then cast a spell on them with a rubdown using the soft,furry pad and let the magic begin. The elastic handband stretches to fit most sizes,and the three interchangeable pads each attach with velcro.


Fun Room Toys are a company that knows how to have fun. Keeping things easy and simple with their range of toys and accessories, Fun Room has a focus on couples play. With a range of seductive vibrators, novelties and games, and an extensive range of simple BDSM products all at affordable pricing, they’re hard to ignore. Enhance your intimate play and bedroom passion with this range



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Handheld Magic Massage Kit Date Added: Monday 01 February, 2016

by Nicole, Lilly Pilly

Magic Massage Kit by ROOMFUN
what i enjoy about this product is that it is a non intimidating step further into adding alitle more excitement to what fun already exists,not just for the price conscious,

this Massage kit could be rather appealing for afew reasons.
-for the less sexually uninhabited couples this could be a pleasant and arousing experience,why not take the idea of a massage to a new level.-Ive had many Customers be vocal about meeting someone new and starting slow,testing the water,and leaving room to visit harder product further into the relationship. and this Massage Kit seems ideal for just that.-These textured pads could also be your baby step introducing your partner into sensory play.what you could learn about each other through response would tell you quite alot about your partner. -i also think that this massage kit is a cute way to treat your partner and as it can be used almost anywhere ie:curled up on the couch watching a dvd, laying in bed,or on the spontanious whim. its a no mess ,no fuss product that can be easily accessed and almost instantly sitting in the palm of your hand ready to "tease" "tickle" "relax" or "arouse" .
This product is a 4 piece kit,an eye mask ,3 interchangeable massage pads offering 3 totally seperate sensations, and the one hand held applicator.
adhesion of applicator and massage pads is a simple stick and peel system,as they are all backed with velcroe,thus quick and convenient.The applicator has a stretchy elastic band that allows much give in benifit to the differnce in hand size between people and at the same time restricting enough to sit comfortably and not slide off.
The 3 pad in the Kit include-*a soft feathery pad that effortlessly glides over your skin *a blunt studded leather disc sure to awaken the sencesand a *textured soft leather pad, leather against skin...totally sexy.

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We said:

Thanks Nicole, happy to hear you enjoyed your sensory play with the Magic Massage Kit.


on 2016-02-02 11:55:32

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