Lyopard Leopard Print Chemise

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Lyopard Chemise Ella Bidoe

Ella Bidoe

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Move as sensually as a cat in this purrrfect leopard print Chemise.  Lyopard will give you the confidence of a lioness but the cunning of a panther as you tease your lover like cat and mouse.  Your partner will become the prey, at your mercy in this adorable Ella Bidoe Lingerie set.  How can you be anything else but seductive?


There's something incredibly feminine and powerful about felines and their markings. Leopard prints are incredibly popular as they adorn powerful and seductie women. Experience the best with Ella Bidoe Lingerie. 


Sizing is according to Imperial standards for all ‘Ella Bidoe’ products and are used as a guide only. Sizing may vary slightly according to individual item aspects.


Ella Bidoe is a company that understand the beauty of lingerie. As such they have created an extensive range of affordable lingerie pieces that will suit everybody and each individual and unique style. Great priced lingerie can often be difficult to find, but the folks at Ella Bidoe definitely have it down pat.

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