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Life is to be celebrated. With its simple, subtle contours and smooth finish, Life allows for exploration of the body that can only be described as pure comfort. With this vibrator Leaf has created the ultimate in Green pleasure.. Its beautifully curved structure and PowerBullet technology allow for the powerful vibrations to be felt in any position. With its eco-friendly rechargeable battery and natural canvas tote, you can have full confidence that you are helping the environment as much as you are helping yourself.


Leaf is the world’s first 100% green produced sex toys in the world made from pure silicone. Know you are making a difference to your environment with the Leaf Range of Sex Toys by BMS Factory.


Your leaf product is powered by a lithium battery. This is the best battery available for our leaf line of products. Charging can take a while depending on the size of the battery and the extent of its power level. Once the USB cord is properly inserted into the leaf product and then into a compatible USB wall charging adapter, a red LED light will glow indicating that the unit is charging. When the unit is fully charged, the light will disappear.

If the leaf will not be used for long periods of time, the battery should be recharged at least once every three months. Only charge with the USB cord provided. Your unit will not operate while charging, and will automatically be in the unlocked state when unplugged.

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