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The Tor 2 is designed specifically for a man to wear during sex. It is LELO’s fully waterproof and rechargeable couples’ ring that is twice as strong as any other product like it on the market. The Tor 2 stimulates him in his most sensitive region all the while providing her with amazing sensations directly on her clit. While the predecessor was one of the hottest sex toys on the market, the engineers at LELO’s Company have improved an already great product!


Simply slip the Tor 2 on before intercourse and your cock will stay nice and hard keeping you ready for an intense night long session of love making. And since the Tor 2 is completely waterproof, hot tub sex using Tor is not out of the question. With six different stimulation modes the Tor 2 is ready to please no matter what speed and intensity the both of you enjoy.




When one toy can bring the same stimulating vibrations to both partners, it’s a good thing. Unfortunately, with a lot of sex toys one partner receives while the other one gives. True, few men would complain about being able to stimulate their lovers into a passionate frenzy. With the Tor 2 however, that all changes. The Tor 2 is the sex toy designed to be worn by the man that stimulates both man and woman at the same time while they are having sex.


The intense vibrations, (some of the most intense of any sex toy on the market) are designed to reach the woman’s G-spot during sex. So while she is getting pounded on the inside, she’s getting stimulated on the outside. And since the Tor 2 is completely waterproof the fun doesn’t have to end when it’s time for a bath. Or there is a romantic hot tub waiting for you.



Materials: Silicone

Texture: Matte

Measurements : 60mm x 42mm x 42mm

Weight: 30g

Diameter: 29mm

Battery: Li-Ion 70mAh 3.7VFrequency: 120Hz.

Charging: 2 hours at 5.0V 500mA

Battery life: Up to 1.5hrs

Maximum Noise Level: <50dB

Standby: Up to 90 days


Lelo Pleasure Objects became a reality back in 2003 when three innovative designers got together in Stockholm and came up with the idea that would change the landscape of the sex toy industry. What if they were to design adult toys that were beautiful ‘pleasure objects’, that were refined, the most luxurious of anything created before. This uncompromising aim to deliver high end intimate objects backed with a 12 month guarantee and 5 year warranty saw sales soar with over 18 million Lelo products sold thus far. Lelo is the brand that most shoppers look for and other manufacturers aspire to replicate. It is like no other brand in the adult industry before and has set the benchmark for all others.

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Lelo Tor 2 Date Added: Monday 18 April, 2016

by Bronson, Oh Zone Penrith

LELO TOR 2 Gosh! Lelo do come out with some pretty awesome products and the TOR 2 vibrating couples ring is no exception. The TOR 2 is definitely a premium product and more then just a simple cock ring. This vibrating couple’s ring is designed to be worn around the base of the males shaft while erect, in most cases with the vibrator facing upwards to stimulate the woman's clitoris during intercourse. The ring also restricts blood flow to keep a harder erection, for longer.The ring is made of a very smooth to touch phthalate-free silicone with soft-touch coating. It also stretches..... A lot, definitely able to accommodate to fit men of all sizes. With 6 amazing and different vibrating patterns you'll be sure to have some fun experimenting each and every single one. This product is coupled with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee, and according to LELO this re-usable premium ring has the lifespan equivalent of 10,000 disposable rings. The TOR 2 is locked and loaded with tons of awesome perks like being whisper quiet, travel-ready with lockable controls and most importantly (to me anyway) this toy is waterproof! Having some fun in the shower or bath with a vibrating cock ring is now finally possible with one of the first waterproof and rechargeable toys of this kind. Because this amazing toy is waterproof it also means that cleaning is effortless, just a bit of anti-bacterial soap water is all you need.The TOR 2 is very comfortable to wear and fits beautifully and softly in-between you and your partner to deliver intense vibrations to the clitoris and as result it puts more pressure and stronger vibrations on the penis shaft as well which adds a whole lot of pleasure to your session.One of the things that I love about lelo is that pretty much all there products have incredible designs and look amazing, and my first impressions with the TOR 2 was no different at all. From its large rounded vibrator on top to its simple and easy to use controls, the TOR 2 in a design perspective is fantastic. Imprinted into each side is the LELO branding and a + and – button. To turn on the vibrations, simply press the + button and hold to increase the power of the vibrations. To turn down the vibrations and switch the power off, press and hold the – button and to sift the the patterns it's as easy as holding down the + for 2 seconds. This vibrator might look tame and small but the vibrations are anything but, This cock rings vibrations are extremely pleasurable and intense. Because of the product being made out of silicone you can feel the vibrations strong enough without it being too overbearing like some of the harder plastics used on other cock rings. The intention of the TOR 2 is to keep you harder for longer, postponing the time it takes you to reach climax, while adding pleasure and an extra sensation during sex for both you and your other half. The TOR 2 certainly delivers on it’s purpose, my only negative point about this cock ring is the price but that being said it’s a LELO product and if it's anything like some of the other amazing products they have given us then it's safe to say it'll stand the test of time and you really will get what you payed for.

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