Lelo Oden 2 Couples Massager

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LELO’s latest addition to the sex toy market is the Oden 2, the personal vibrator that men can wear during sex! The Oden 2 utilizes the new Sensemotion remote control. With a simple movement of the hand you can choose to increase or decrease the power on the vibration. The Oden 2 is completely waterproof and can be used to make intimate encounters in the bath tub, pool or hot tub even that much more intimate.


This couples’ ring allows both partners to feel the stimulation during a lovemaking session. Oden 2’s flexible silicone material (LELO’s patented 100 percent body safe silicone) that makes up its closed ring attachment sends vibrations directly into his cock. And since Oden 2 is rechargeable, there is no last minute fumbling for batteries before the action starts. Just keep it plugged in and Oden 2 will be ready to go any time you are.


Finish: Matte Silicone / Shiny ABS Plastic, Size: 94 X 45 X 26mm / 3.7 X 1.77 X 1.02 in., Weight: 28g / 0.99 oz., Battery: Li-Ion 70 mAh 3.7 V, Charging: 2 h at 5.0 V 70 mA. User Time: 2 hrs (Oden™ 2) 10 hrs (controller), Standby: 90 days Frequency: 100Hz. Max Noise Level: <50dB, Wireless Range: Up to 12 meters / 39 feet, Link Frequency: 2.4GHz. Transmitter: 1mW


Lelo Pleasure Objects became a reality back in 2003 when three innovative designers got together in Stockholm and came up with the idea that would change the landscape of the sex toy industry. What if they were to design adult toys that were beautiful ‘pleasure objects’, that were refined, the most luxurious of anything created before. This uncompromising aim to deliver high end intimate objects backed with a 12 month guarantee and 5 year warranty saw sales soar with over 18 million Lelo products sold thus far. Lelo is the brand that most shoppers look for and other manufacturers aspire to replicate. It is like no other brand in the adult industry before and has set the benchmark for all others.

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Lelo Oden 2 Couples Massager Date Added: Wednesday 02 September, 2015

by Anonymous

Sex is more pleasurable when lovers know how to stimulate one another to reach full-blown orgasm. The Lelo Oden 2 is a perfect sex toy for any man who knows the importance of great sex. The device is remote controlled and uses vibration technology with just a tilt of the hand when it is turned on. Unlike the sex toys, the Lelo Oden 2 is designed to offer people with enhanced performance because people can play even without using the SenseMotion remote control. The SenseMotion remote control allows people to power the toy using the +/- and Insignia buttons. The buttons allows people to select different vibration patterns and vibration settings that are suitable for their stimulation requirements. The toy comes with an additional closed ring attachment that is made of flexible silicone. The ring gives the man great presence and stamina thereby maintaining longer erections. The vibrations and the silicone feel give the woman intense pleasure, prolongs her orgasm, and adds stimulation during sex. The attachments are stretchy and can fit most men because they are capable of stretching to about two inches in diameter. The device measures 1.77"h x 3.7"w x 1.02"d and weighs 0.99 oz. Therefore, it is comfortable to use at any time for maximum pleasure. While Lelo Oden 2 is worn around the base of a man’s erect penis during foreplay, numerous users also say that the device is a good external massager as well. Wearing the device is simple because a man just opens the flexible silicone ring and then places it at the base of his erect penis with the flattened pleasure end facing against the abdomen ensuring that it points upwards towards the navel. With the wireless remote, one can easily control the vibrations by alternating between the SenseMotion controls and eight different stimulation modes. The Lelo Oden 2 uses the latest cutting edge technology because the vibration speed and intensities are controlled by movement in different ways such as tilting, sweeping or shaking the wireless remote in different ways. This prompts a response on the lelo Oden 2 to cause vibrations that are soft and steady to cause nice and rumbly sensations. Amazingly, the controller can mirror the vibrations being created and one can feel what his partner is experiencing up to a range of 39 feet. The Lelo Oden 2 is fully-waterproof. It can be used in various environments especially in the shower or bath and can be sanitized in water without any problem. The Lelo lubricant which comes along with the device is useful when washing the gadget because it lets water to trickle down smoothly. Additionally, it provides a smooth and soft touch during foreplay leading to orgasm. It is also rechargeable by being plugged into the socket for about two hours for better performance. Charging is done by opening the silver metallic band and twisting it to show the charging port. The charger is then plugged into the port using an electrical outlet. The toy comes in a uniquely designed gift box, a satin storage pouch and a user manual. A pouch is for carrying the toy to different places especially when planning for outdoor sex. The manual helps people to use it appropriately while exploring different ways of complementing fun during sex. All in all it gets big thumbs up from me and I would imagine from you.

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