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Beautiful to behold, beautiful to be held, NEA™ 2 is exquisite both solo or shared, with its discreet design perfect for nestling between partners, while strong vibrations and  intricate floral detailing enhance your sensual experience. 100% waterproof and rechargeable, with 8 stimulation patterns - NEA™ 2 places powerful pleasure in the palm of your hand.


Now featuring twice the power of the original and a redesigned floral motif, NEA™ 2 encompasses pleasure for all your senses. Beautiful to behold, beautiful to be held, NEA™ 2 is exquisite both solo or shared, with its discreet design perfect for nestling between partners, while strong vibrations and intricate floral detailing enhance your sensual experience. 100% waterproof and rechargeable, with 8 stimulation patterns - NEA™ 2 places powerful pleasure in the palm of your hand.


A true masterpiece in erotic design, the Lelo Nea 2 is effortlessly beautiful. With smooth lines and an inviting curve that peaks at a narrow tip, it offers precise pleasure in the form of 8 settings that lavish you with spine tingling climactic bliss. Fitting in the palm of your (or your lovers) hand perfectly, allow this pebble vibrator to caress your curves and arouse you with direct stimulation of your most sensitive spots. Add a little lube and glide over shoulders, backs and thighs with its broad surface to take advantage of Nea 2's new, extra powerful motor and enjoy a slow build in anticipation.


When you're ready use the pin-point tip to stimulate sweet spots such as the nipples, clitoris or perineum for an all encompassing climactic release.

  • nsertable Length: 2 inches
  • Length: 2.9 inches


Lelo Pleasure Objects became a reality back in 2003 when three innovative designers got together in Stockholm and came up with the idea that would change the landscape of the sex toy industry. What if they were to design adult toys that were beautiful ‘pleasure objects’, that were refined, the most luxurious of anything created before. This uncompromising aim to deliver high end intimate objects backed with a 12 month guarantee and 5 year warranty saw sales soar with over 18 million Lelo products sold thus far. Lelo is the brand that most shoppers look for and other manufacturers aspire to replicate. It is like no other brand in the adult industry before and has set the benchmark for all others.

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Lelo Nea 2 Date Added: Friday 20 November, 2015

by Julia, Birmingham

It is only a woman who can tell the real meaning of sensation. As I discover new opportunities I have realized my senses have always responded to more adventures. I take pleaser in them shrewdly with care. If there has ever been a plaything that I found to be friendly to me is the Leo Nea 2. I basically idolize its silicone, pulsations and the sense- stroke skill. It is one of the best Lelo’s manipulators. It is constantly gorgeous to look at, manage and grasp. Its unnoticeable and stylish appearance renders it to be perfect for carrying it the hand back. The outline is beautified with flower patterns making it look so fashionable. When I put it on my palms its surface is lovely to touch as it is made of porcelain and it is very smooth. It has many methods of stimulus giving out various options to select from. It can be used with a single person or with a companion. Its significant features include the discreet vibrations and yet very strong meticulous erotic stimulus. It is well fitting in my natural curvature due its ergonomic outline making me experience maximum connection and excitement. The multiple vibrating methods with intensified power give me a powerful customized awakening. It has a USB that is rechargeable for a dependable all –inclusive power for a period of two hours .Also inclusive is a cable charge for the USB. It is characterized by a waterproof material which gives me freedom to play anywhere I wish. It is skillfully decorated with flora designs. It comprises of a storage purse and comes with a warranty. It can be inserted to an extent of two inches. It has a rigid flexibility and contains neither latex nor phthalates. To regulate the power and speed I make use of the built-in push knobs. The materials are ABC which is completely safe for the human body. Its overall body mass is forty two grams. It has a dimension of seventy five by thirty six by twenty five millimeters. The battery can last for seven hours and stay on a standby mode for a maximum of ninety days.On my first encounter with the Nea 2, I could hardly wait to give my feedback. First I was really impressed by how it was packed. It is a good gift to send to your significant other. It was packed in a dark smooth mesh case. It was perfectly presented in the dark box with transparent windows which portrayed it without a glitch. When I opened the case, I found a dark satin storage purse, a USB charging wire, a black check tag and a test of lube that was water-based. I must say that I have loved the look of the garget and it perfectly fits in my palms. It is a tempting to touch item. I perceive it as one of my treasured ornaments because it resembles one. I had incorrectly judged it by how small it was. I kept wondering how such a tiny garget could perform its function. However, I was actually surprised by how powerful it was and additionally, it produced a discreet sound.The charging process is so easy to me. I usually use my computer by connecting the USB cable. I also found out that you can actually use an adapter if you prefer the wall socket. When the two control lights stop blinking then I know my gadget is fully charged. It takes approximately two hours to recharge. To regulate the power I usually use the two knobs that are located underneath the object. To initialize, I simply push the right-hand knob and it comes back to life. The sensations are deep and grumbled which make me feel them deep inside of me. The different ranges of vibration speed give me a chance to select what I want. It can be from a slow pace to a very fast pace. In the speed settings I simply press the right knob to add up the pace or press the left knob to reduce the pace. In the initial speeds, the stimulus sounds are unheard but as I proceed to the higher levels the sounds intensify. However, the sounds can only be heard by a person in my room but not outside the room.The knobs required practical force to make them tick. But I soon got used to them very quickly. To make the pattern mode active, I simply press the right knob for two seconds. The amazing thing I also likes with this gadget is that apart from its small size shape, it is entirely curved to cup my normal curvature. This is why I am able to use it on my own or located amidst me and my significant other when having intercourse. Out of my experience with using Lelo Nea 2, my spouse and I, have discovered various poses that are very fantastic. When the woman comes over the man particularly in a bending forward pose and when the woman is located on top of a sitting man. It was very droning to my spouse. When we use together I prefer applying a little lube only at the apex of the gadget because if I apply all over, it usually slides from time to time .I like how it is waterproof because I normally go with it to the shower and the bathroom during game time. I find it easy to clean and mange. I usually use hot water with detergent to wash it afterwards I rinse. I then dry it focusing on the opening where the charger is fixed.When you purchase Leo Nea 2 be assured it is worth the price. I am satisfied that the money that I spent to buy it. It is worth the function and I can add more on top of that. You have to bear in mind that you have to be eighteen years and older to purchase it. Refrain from using massaging oil or body emulsion as a lubricant. Also avoid cleaning with alcohol-based detergents.

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