Lelo Luna Beads Mini

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Luna Lelo, Swedish designed, Luna Beads Mini, Pelvic Floor Workout, ABS/ silicone, luxury satin pouch

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If you are new to the concept of Kegel Exercising, you may have discovered the Luna Beads and not known quite what to do with them. For those women who are new to Kegel, or who have never given childbirth before, The Luna Beads Classic may be a bit too large. That’s why all the benefits of the Beads can be found in LELO’s new Luna Beads Mini set. Each set come with two mini-pink and two mini-blue balls that have weighted balls inside.

These beads help a woman keep control of her bladder, aid in pre-natal and post natal care and can have the added benefit of providing mind-blowing, stagger out the door with a smile orgasms. They can be inserted one at a time or used with the included silicone holder for two. As you go about your day to day activities the beads cause vaginal muscles to expand and contract, keeping them fit and prepared for whatever may come along.

Why not get some sexy lingerie for after.

Materials: ABS / body safe silicone

Finish: glossy

Girdle size: Mini 75x30x10mm

Bead size: Mini - 29mm

Weight: 2 x 37 grams (powder blue)


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