Leather Mouth Gag with Blue Ball

Bashful Blue, Simple Bondage gag, blue ball

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The blue leather ball gag is a soft touch to the normally harsh and dominating world of bdsm. Adding a little bit of colour, without being overpowering means this leather gag is a fantastic toy to introduce your lover or partner to the bondage scene in a fairly playful manner. At the end of the day it is still a ball gag and it is designed to keep your partner quiet during what could normally be those noisy sessions.


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Leather Mouth Gag with Blue Ball Date Added: Thursday 11 February, 2016

by Bevan, Cambpelltown

Shut The Kinky Ball Gag Blue Ball
Ball gags are a fun and exciting way to add some silent spice to your bedroom. Ball gags are a simple way to control your partner without necessarily restricting their movements. Ball gags are used to control a person by eliminating their ability to communicate via speech during sex. It allows the person wearing it to feel vulnerable and helpless which can be useful in setting the scene in BDSM scenes, or in other situations where an exchange of power is necessary for example in role playing scenes.

Whilst there are a myriad of different styles ranging from Bits, spider gags, pacifiers, muzzles, funnels they can all can be generally reduced to two different types; ball gags and spreader gags. A spreader gag is something which keeps the mouth open for the insertion of toys, fingers, liquids and dicks. A spider gag, an O-gag are both examples of what i call spreader gags.

Ball Gags such as the Kinky Ball Gag with Blue Ball by Hell's Couture are designed to keep the wearer quiet and for humiliation. Any attempt to talk or do anything other than keep the gag securely in place will result in drooling. Most balls are around 44mm but you can get them in larger and smaller sizes depending on the petiteness of their mouth. I particularly like this one as it is made of a rubber ball as opposed to a plastic, or metal ball. It means that one can safely clench down on it (to a certain extent) without risking damage to their teeth. This can be particularly important during some scenes where the wearer might flinch. This one also seems secure and strong, and could handle some rough play. Always remember with any form of gag that you have some form of safe word/action in order to safely end a scene if a situation arises.

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