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Awaken your senses with Le Reve Wild Wabbit, the adorable 7-function silicone rabbit vibe designed to fulfill your dreams and desires! Made from silky-smooth Elite Silicone and developed to excite, this cute little bunny is guaranteed to get pleasure hopping! Choose a function on the one-touch controls and let the whisper-quiet vibrations whisk you away. The medical-grade Elite Silicone is smooth to the touch, nonporous, super-sleek, and ultra satisfying! Pick a pulsation pattern that's right for you and let the bunny's fluttering ears tickle and tease your clit! With the push of a button, the rabbit's ears flicker and drive you crazy it's no wonder why we call this lil' guy a Wild Wabbit!


The nose of the bunny is cleverly curved to hit the right spot every time, while the polished contour control base feels great in your hand. Get just the right amount of direct clitoral stimulation where you want it most and enjoy thrilling vibration rhythms! Try it in the shower or spa and turn bath time into pleasure time! The bottom power button turns the vibe on or off, while the squiggly wave button controls the vibration patterns. Go from a flutter to a throb in seconds and enjoy wall-banging climaxes every time! Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water.


One of the biggest and most trusted adult toy manufacturers in the world are Pipedream Products. An American company with decades of experience and countless brands underneath their ever widening belt. Pipedream are a trusted company that create quality sex toys with body safe ingredients. With brand names sich as Jimmy Jane, PumpWorx and ExtremeDollz, you can be confident that Pipedream know what they’re doing when they’re creating a toy for your pleasure.

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Le Reve Wild Rabbit Date Added: Wednesday 30 September, 2015

by Shaza, Kellyville

I was sympathetic sent the Le Reve Wild Rabbit 7 Function Clitoral Vibrator to survey by Adultsmart.com.au and it arrived rapidly and discreet. I was so energized as this is the first thing I was sent to test by them. The bundling for this toy is so lovely, I truly needed to keep it however since I keep every one of my toys in silk sacks in my huge sex toy box it didn't appear to be correct having another box taking up the space.

Here is the official description from the manufacturer – ‘Awaken your senses with Le Reve wild wabbit, the adorable 7-function silicone rabbit vibe designed to fulfill your dreams and desires! Made from silky-smooth elite silicone and developed to excite, this cute little bunny is guaranteed to get pleasure hopping! Choose a function on the one-touch controls and let the whisper-quiet vibrations whisk you away. The medical-grade elite silicone is smooth to the touch, nonporous, super-sleek, and ultra-satisfying!’

The ears on this rabbit formed vibrator flutter with the effective vibration and feels incredible when used to empower the clitoris. Seven diverse vibration modes including ramping up and pulsing modes. The rabbit's nose can likewise be utilized for incitement or in the event that you require more exceptional vibration. It's waterproof so you can utilize it in the shower or shower. The silicone is medical grade and is the most loved material for sex toys on the grounds that it is exceptionally hygienic and body safe while additionally being hardwearing and lasting. We suggest that water based lube is utilized with this vibrator and keep away from silicone lubes since they could react and damage silicone sex toys. Vibrator needs three AAA batteries,
The Rabbit is made of the mildest silicone and it feels amazing to touch and has insignificant drag over the skin, it likewise doesn't get as much as other silicone toys do. The toy is waterproof and has 7 capacities, it's great on the off chance that you like clitoral incitement or on the off chance that you cherish the rabbit ears on your rabbit however would simply like the ears to use during intercourse and so forth. The toy's ears are floppy and the nose is firm so it's only an matter of deciding that you need delicate or firm vibrations.

To get started you easily turn the base after inserting the 3 AAA Batteries, then you're good to go. The controls are truly easy to work, the base switch is essentially the 'on/off' control and the top controls the 7 speeds and modes. There are 2 velocities and 5 designs so a lot of choices to go through. It takes the absolute best part from the conventional bunny rabbit vibe, the clitoral bunny ear stimulator, and places the bunny head and ears toward the wand's end formed massager. It's anything but difficult to position over your body and even gives you a chance to encounter those fluttering ears embedded vaginally to animate your G-spot. Unique Elite Silicone is therapeutic grade and hypoallergenic and in addition non-permeable so it's anything but difficult to keep it clean, particularly considering that it's waterproof so it's great to bring with you into the shower or bath, or even for a dunk in the pool. Best of all, this sensible feeling material warms up while you play to rapidly coordinate your body temperature to feel normal, and the waterproof element makes it simple to put it in some icy or high temp water before you let the bunny ears vacillate up against you.

Love the stimulation you get from excellent bunny vibrators, yet can manage without the shaft? You can get precisely what you need with the Le Reve Wild Wabbit. It's most likely an awe-inspiring shape with a smooth ABS plastic base that is lightweight and simple to grasp and move anyplace everywhere on your body, not at all like a conventional rabbit vibe that basically stands out a way. At the highest point of this vibe is a completely adjusted bunny head and long ears. The purple bunny feels amazingly smooth and svelte. You can take those bunny ears and spot them anyplace you need over your body to fulfill cravings for all around relief and enjoyment. Simply put those ears on either side of regions like areolas or clitoris and take a stab at pinching them together. This bunny and those long ears are effectively ready to reach and tickle your G-spot in a thrilling new manner. Regardless of how you play with it, this vibe will excite you with its seven serious elements of pulsating vibration, worked with a simple to utilize set of catches; one to switch through the cycles.

For those that adore the tickling bunny ears against their clitoris when they play with a conventional rabbit vibrator, and wish they could encounter them at diverse angles and over different parts of their body, the Le Reve Wild Wabbit is the solution for their requests. It takes the best piece of the bunny vibe, the fluttering ears, and spots them on a round bunny head on a wand-molded vibe. A lightweight base is framed to fit in your grasp and made of smooth ABS plastic, while the svelte bunny is made out of restorative grade silicone. This consistent and extravagant material is non-permeable and won't harbor microorganisms, in addition to it is anything but difficult to clean and feels so smooth and reasonable against your body you'll be astounded. Position those ears anyplace you need against your most touchy territories surrounding areolas or clitoris on either favor the adaptable bunny ears, pinching them together when you need to include additional weight. With this toy you can likewise encounter some tickling G-spot incitement like no different as its seven unique programs of vibration heartbeat through this fun bunny while embedded. Likewise waterproof so you can bring it with you into the shower or shower, and it makes cleaning up after utilize an additional simple assignment.

I cherish this toy, it's a great change from a bullet vibrator when you favor something a bit more diverse, it's charming and girly and easy to use.

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