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La Pumping Systems are a step ahead of the competition with premium penis development kits that are used to treat all sorts of penis problems.  Get an erection after prostrate surgery, enlarge your penis or rejuvenate that shrivelled and old penis with some penis rehab.


Simply the best and market leader the world famous LA Pump is the informed choice for penis development.


Are you afraid to look in the mirror when nude?  Do you get embarassed when being intimate with another that your penis is too small? There is a simple solution that is tried and tested with guaranteed results when used as recommended.  The answer to your penis length issues is the LA Pump Vacuum Enlarging System.


This cylinder is  10 inches in length and comes with multiple diameter options.


American and hand made these cylinders are the highest quality on the market with stringent testing processes to ensure that each and every cylinder works and works well.  The LA Vacuum systems have been recommended by professionals for years for the treatment and aid of issues like small penis syndrome, erectile dysfunction, clitoral rehabilitiation, reversal of inverted tits and a whole lot more.

Others use the pumps for pleasure and seeing how far happy pumpers can go.  This is a great starter penis cylinder.

Requires LA Vacuum pump to operate.

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LA Pump Penis Enlargement Cylinder 10\" Length Date Added: Thursday 23 August, 2012

by Bill, Bundeena

The product is made of solid perspex. It is hardy and the pump is strong. LA Pumps look like they will last a long time. Having used cheaper products before I now know the difference. I did not purchase the donut ring so found it a little difficult to get full suction initially but found if you use a lot of lube it fixes that problem. Will try the donut as I think it will make the whole process easier and quicker.
The best feature of this product is once you have created the vacuum seal the pump portion of the apparatus can actually be disconnected from the cylinder. Bit of a buzz doing the dishes with the cylinder still attached.

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