LA Pump Cylinder 10 Inch In Deluxe Package

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LA Pump Cylinder 10 Inch In Deluxe Packaging


The LA Vacuum System is used for the treatment of many ailments and dysfunctions and also for purely pumping pleasure.  It is highly recommended by Doctors and Clinics in the USA as a treatment for penile dysfunction, clitoral rehabilitation and even reversal of inverted nipples.  A trusted device that is US made so you know it is a brand you can trust.


This cylinder is a great starter size for those just starting pumping.  It will enlarge the penis up to 9 inches in length and a girth of 1.5".  Great for those with a slim penis to ensure maximum vacuum and results.  A quality donut is always good to ensure a perfect seal.


Do something positive about it and regain your self confidence.  LA Pumps are famous for their guaranteed penis enlarging results.  American and hand made each cylinder is of perfect craftsmanship to help you in the most intimate way.


Dont delay .. do something about your penis envy now!!


This penis pump cylinder is 10 inches in length and comes with multiple diameter options.

Available in the following diameters:

  • 2.5″ inches diameter x 10″ inches length
  • 2.75″ inches diameter x 10″ inches length
  • 3″ inches diameter x 10″ inches length

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