Kitten Leather Flogger with Nine Tail

Perrez, Wanton Flogger, Punishment Flogger

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Here kitty kitty, no this cat of nine tails is not made from kittyleather - but you may not believe us when we tell you. Soft and pleasureable and intense enough to cause a sting or nine. Kinksters use nine tail whips for several reasons - whether it be for gently stimulating as you tickle their body, or whether you want a wide area attack of pain. It's great for both of these - as  well as whatever you can think of!



Approximate Measurements:


Overall Length - 80cm


Tail Thickness - 5mm


Tail Length - 58cm



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Kitten Leather Flogger with Nine Tail Date Added: Sunday 10 January, 2016

by Pauline, Oh Zone Penrith

The cat o' nine tails, commonly shortened to the cat, is a type of multi-tailed whip that originated as an implement for severe physical punishment, notably in the Royal Navy and Army of the United Kingdom, and also as a Judicial punishment in Britain and some other countries.The term cat o' nine tails first appeared way back in 1695, however the design itself is much older and it is speculated that the name came from its "claws" ability to inflict several parallel wounds with one swift hit.The cat is made from 9 knotted thongs of cotton cord (back in the old days), more commonly Leather today, designed to lacerate the skin causing intense pain. Traditionally made up of 9 plaited thongs of rope, the plaiting dependent on the thickness of the rope. Today the cat is generally made from leather or a leather type material, it is generally still plaited, however occasionally you will find one that has a different design to the plait look. Still, regardless of whether it is plaited or not, it will still inflict intense pain to the receiver.Back in the day when the navy used to use lashed from the cat as a form of punishment, the punishment was performed on deck and the crew were summoned to witness the lashings. The severest type of flogging was given on or around the feet area and if you ship was docked at the time of the punishment, the lashings were divided up between the numbers of ships in port and the offender was flogged in front of each ship for the crew to watch. In these instances, a surgeon was present for the flogging and would stop the punishment when he felt it necessary and in these circumstances it could take months for a prisoner to complete the number of lashings he was sentenced. After a flogging was completed the sailors lacerated back was rinsed in Brine or Saltwater regularly, it was thought to be a crude antiseptic which has since been proven to be untrue, however this practice, even though extremely painful for the sailor, was not part of his punishment, it was used to control infection. But this is where the term "rubbing salt into the wound" came from.Now-days the cat o' nine tails has become a highly popular choice in the world of BDSM. Still used as a punishment tool, however these days people, generally subs or slaves are not whipped to within an inch of their life. We have safe words today, so when it is getting to much for someone to bare, one word will stop the flogging. From what I understand though, there are many people out there who just love a good flogging with the cat and choose to be bound and gagged, leaving the decision up to the dom on when to stop.

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