Kama Sutra Lip Fetish

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Rich, shiny kissing flavored gloss that gently plumps the lips with a subtle tingling sensation. Available in an assortment of beautiful shades and irresistible flavors.

  • Gentle tingling sensation that either warms or cools the lips with a subtle plumping effect
  • Leaves lips glistening with moisture and tasting sweet
  • Shiny, smooth formula is never sticky


Bright fuchsia, perfect color for a night out. Luscious raspberry flavored gloss gently warms the lips.

A beautiful nude shade with a baby-pink tint that subtly enhances your natural lip color. Sweet, creamy mint-flavored gloss, like mint-chip ice cream, gently cools and tingles the lips.


The motto for Kama Sutra products is ‘making love better’ for what will make the world a better place is love sweet love.  For 45 years the company has been creating products to make love-making better.  Kama if you did not know is the Hindu God of Love, and Sutra is the narrative or book in which the god of love has put down his teachings.  The revered teachings show how to use oils, candles, fragrances and stimulants to intensify your sexual pleasure and heighten the erotic senses.  Kama Sutra believed that sexual well-being required both the mind and spirit to be one creating a heightened awareness.  This is what the Kama Sutra hopes to achieve with their products and they must be onto something having done it now successfully for 45 years.

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