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How many ways have you pleasured yourself over the years? You've enjoyed pleasure in many ways from human partners, and you've likely experimented with a variety of adult toys. One thing that you may have yet to enjoy is stimulation from the innovative Pleasure Pods included with the Jimmyjane Hello Touch X couple's toy. If you enjoyed the Hello Touch, you're going to get wet when you see what this upgraded version has to offer.


This finger vibrator kit comes with two sets of Pleasure Pods. One is designed to deliver electrostimulation, also known as eStim. Two electrodes make contact with the skin and deliver waves of energy that go beyond surface level. Blood flow is enhanced and nerves are stimulated automatically, causing involuntary muscle contractions and perhaps a few orgasms along the way. You can enjoy approximately three hours of eStim tickle time with a fully-charged battery.


 The second set of Pleasure Pods will deliver deep vibrations similar to what you have experienced from powerful vibrators in the past. Not only can you finger your clitoris, but you can slip your fingers in deep for even more pleasure. Expect to vibrate for up to 40 minutes on a fully-charged battery.


If you're new to eStim or finger toys, the Jimmyjane Hello Touch X may sound complicated, but it's one of the simplest toys to use. Strap a cuff around your wrist, connect the pods to two of your fingers, and touch your partner or yourself in any way you please. The pod sets easily attach to the wrist cuff, so you can change them out without hassle.

  • Includes two sets of Pleasure Pods (vibration & eStim)
  • 10 power settings
  • 6 pulsation settings
  • Compact design
  • Medical-grade silicone & stainless steel
  • Water resistant
  • Rechargeable (USB & wall adapter)
  • 3-year limited manufacturer warranty


San Francisco-based Jimmyjane is focused on sophisticated and pleasurable design, making award-winning sex toys and exquisite luxury vibrators that provide a lifetime of pleasure. With a warranty on defects and materials on all Jimmyjane sex toys they back up their premium offering with peace of mind. So if you want to find out what the adult toys of the future will look and feel like JimmyJane has the answer.

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Jimmyjane Hello Touch X Rechargeable Date Added: Friday 30 December, 2016

by Anonymous

I has the original hello touch and it certainly made foreplay a lot more fun and easy for me. This one give little electric shocks and spices things up a little more,

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">4</span> of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Jimmyjane Hello Touch X Rechargeable Date Added: Monday 07 September, 2015

by Bill, Cessnock

The original Jimmyjane hello touch rechargeable is a versatile as well as a fingertip vibrator. As one of the world’s hugest fan of using vibrators, I was more than a intrigued to know more about the new added features which the Hello Touch X rechargeable has over its predecessors; electro stimulation. Despite not having any prior experience with electro stimulation, I was ready to experiment and also try it out.

Unique Fingertip Design - The Hello Touch X is basically a wearable electro stimulation toy and vibrator. It features a neoprene wristband that also doubles as a pocket for holding the control. In addition, it also has 2 pairs of connecting fingertip pods. The first set of the pods are vibrating and they can be worn on either the back or front of the fingers. By wearing them on the front allows for direct contact with the pods whereas wearing them at the back normally causes the finger to vibrate by itself and allow for more delicate vibration. The second set of the pods are electric and they can cause a shock. These pods have to be worn at the front of one’s fingers. The two sets are both made of silicone and also have tiny, stretchy bands for holding them in place. Even though the bands were quite stretchy when I used them, I found them to be a little tight in some places. Wearing the pods was can be uncomfortable at times especially for users with larger fingers.

Rather than being run using batteries, this vibrator is rechargeable. It normally plugs into any available USB port and it can run for 40 minutes once it has been fully charged.

A Single, Light Vibration - To begin with, there were multiple levels of vibration for me to choose from. This made Jimmyjane hello touch rechargeable to be a great tool for a toy of such caliber and at such a low price point. Furthermore, the vibrations are fairly quiet, slightly quieter than a phone’s vibrations. Despite their low intensity, I am certain that you will not want them to be more powerful as they seemed to be almost too much for me to handle on fingers.

Electrostimulation - Just like the vibrations, there were also several variations for me to choose from when it came to the electro stimulation. There are 10 levels of intensity and 6 modes of stimulation. When using this tool, ensure that you put both pods on the skin before you turn on the e-stim. You should not turn on the e-stim and touch your skin since it is painful and also causes a strong zapping sensation.

I will admit that I was really nervous to turn on the Hello Touch X for the first time. As a result, I definitely had to psych up myself for the initial attempt. When I turned on the e-stim pods for the initial time, the sensation was quite small that I even wondered if I was actually imagining it. When I turned it to level 2, it proved that the vibrator was indeed working but I still barely perceptible. Nevertheless, this is quite normal since the instructions state that a lot of users do not feel anything until level 3.

Safety - Because of the electrical nature of this vibrator, you shouldn’t use it in any of the below scenarios without having consulted your doctor: Do not use in case you are pregnant. Do not use it to massage the abdomen or stomach if pain is present. Do not use on inflamed, swollen or broken skin. Do not use in case you have experienced unexplained calf pain. Do not use it near the eyes, skull area or upper neck. Do not us in case you suffer from a poor circulation. Do not use it in case you have a pacemaker or even suffer from heart diseases. Do not use in case you have a metal IUD. Do not use it in case you have epilepsy.

The Jimmyjane hello touch is rechargeable – It is also has built in safety feature thus shuts off after 12 minutes. Jimmyjane hello touch rechargeable has an extremely unique sensation and I would certainly recommend Jimmyjane hello touch is rechargeable, for the unique experience, if nothing else, the toy provides a truly neat sensation and it is a good toy for the people who are interested in getting started with electrosex. If you are looking for intro to electrical stimulations or you even want to experience a vibrator like no other, then absolutely check out Jimmyjane hello touch is rechargeable!

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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