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Partner-controlled butt-plug for couples’ play

 Discover multi-sensual pleasure with the world’s first dual-motor butt plug. With remote control options (via a discreet pen or with the Je Joue app) Nuo enhances seduction and intensifies pleasure for him and her.


Product Features

 5 Speeds 7 Patterns

  • Quiet
  • Bodysafe
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargable


Creative Tips

Partner play becomes more of a tease with our elegant remote and easy-to-use app.

Nuo is a uniquely different anal toy, shaped with a gentle curve and bulbous ‘body’. The slender base follows the body’s natural lines and allows the toy to nestle between the buttocks and stay in place with ease.

Nuo features two independent motors to allow you to choose from a simultaneous or separate stimulation of the prostate and the perineum , an incredibly sensitive yet often overlooked, erogenous zone.


Prostate play

Rotate Nuo with the curve facing upward (towards the direction of the belly button) to better access the prostate (aka P-spot), one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in the male body. Tilt and rock Nuo to explore depths and intensify the experience to your satisfaction.


Posterior preparation

Nuo boasts a unique width at its stem that makes it an ideal toy to use in preparation for anal sex. Our discreet app is beautiful and easy to use, it allows you to create a playlist to send to your partner for staying connected wherever you are.

Nuo gives you the option to save your sessions. You can then select from the saved sessions and use your toy hands free.


Je Joue Sex Toys are designed with your pleasure in mind. Being a sex positive company that encourages everybody to explore and understand their bodies sexual desires and needs. Enriching the sexual experience is a task that this multi award winning adult toy company believes in and this can be seen in the quality and beauty of every product they release. So whether your bedroom play is solo or with a lover be assured that these pleasure objects are luxurious, stimulating, and sensual and may be personalized for your ultimate pleasures.

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Je Joue Nuo Plug Date Added: Tuesday 29 November, 2016

by glen&julie, Claremont

Primary Use: I primarily bought this remote control vibrating anal prostate massager for me to use for a bit of fun when we go out, while my wife is wearing her JeJoue Dua, so we could both buzz each other with the remote controls whenever we wanted to have a bit of fun, but after playing with it for a while, we also found that the Nuo is also ideal for a woman to use as well (see notes below)
Build Quality: Excellent quality toy, however the slight downside is the magnetic charging cap that fits on the end of the perineum bar, it works fine, but you just need to make sure that the Nuo is sitting on a firm surface, and the cap is fitting on the end of the perineum bar properly for it to charge, as it can easily be bumped off and fail to charge.
Design & Comfort: Overall, the design is of this Nuo is great, and this would definitely be the most comfortable anal toy that I have ever used, however the minor down sides for me is that the bulb is not quite thick enough or long enough for it to hit my prostate properly while inserted, and I would like the angle between the perineum bar and the bulb closed a bit more, allowing the front of the bulb to hit my prostate a bit more consistently.
As far as the pen stick remote control goes, it is absolutely useless, just throw it away and install the wonderful phone app that is provided as an alternative, because the app really does work very well.
Pulse & Vibration: As far as the pulse tones go, they seem to be ok, a good variety, but there is only 2 pulses in the range available that I really need to use as a power user, and as far as the vibration levels go, I would like the levels taken up a bit more, as I like a deeper and more rumbly vibration, and as for the perineum bar pulse vibration, there is only a very mild tingle on 2 of the pulse settings, and it is not quite as intense as I would like it to be.
Performance: This is one of those toys that needs a lot of test driving before you get the real feel for it, so I will write my review of the Nuo divided into the following 3 scenarios.
1. For use at home: This is a great toy for wearing while walking around the house, or just playing with in bed, with or without your partner being there, it feels great, and it is very comfortable to wear, but just like with any kind of anal play, you do need to follow the normal cleanliness and hygiene rules that I eluded to earlier in this Blog, otherwise you may find that it could be a bit messy, but in most cases, this is just a normal part of anal play.
When I wore it walking around the house after giving myself an anal enema in the shower, I found that having the vibration continually running for quite some time seems to cause a build up of fluid that can ooze out from time to time, so I found that I just had to give myself a quick wipe between my butt cheeks with a clean, damp cloth every now and then just to keep it clean, and if using the Nuo in the bedroom, I found it best to use a thick sheet over our bed to protect the bed coverings.
Even tho the insertable bulb of the Nuo does not hit my prostate all the time to give me the continual intense orgasm that I was hoping it would give me, and not having deeper and more intense vibrations on both the perineum bar and the anal plug, it is still an amazing toy for guys who are into anal play, it fits perfectly, and it is amazingly comfortable to wear.
2. For use while wearing away from home: I have worn my Nuo away from home several times now, with limited success so far, and although wearing it while driving in the car, or walking around in public is fairly good, wearing it in a place where there are other people nearby (like a restaurant) is just impossible for a male to do, and this comes down to the fact that these toys are a bit on the noisy side on most settings, and there is also the problem with cleanliness that I eluded to in item 1 above (for use at home) so my advice would be to simply avoid using the male Nuo model and the female Dua model in places where there are other people nearby.
3. For Female use: My wife also used this toy at home a few times, and we also tried it while driving around in the car one day just to see how it performs when worn by a woman, and all I can say is that this toy is absolutely ideal for female use as well, and one night my wife had a 45 minute continual session with this Nuo while laying on the bed watching some amateur porn videos, and with some twitching and squeezing of her pussy muscles and her thighs, she managed to have dozens of continuous mild impact orgasms from both her clit and G-Spot, and while wearing it in the car one day while sitting down, she manage a have several mild G-Spot orgasms as well, although not quite the same as when she was lying down.
Our Verdict: I gave the JeJoue Nuo a ranking of 8/10
Mainly because it is a beautifully designed and well made sex toy, and it is amazingly comfortable to wear, and even tho it doesn’t hit my prostate all the time, or have the vibration intensity that I would like to give me the required prostate orgasm, it is still an amazing toy for me to use at home, and with some practice, to use away from home as well, so I very highly recommended this toy.

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