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Je Joue G-Kii

To really hit the spot...

Simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, the design-led and distinctive G-Kii can be curved into the perfect position at the touch of a button to suit your body shape and pleasure preference.


Studies say that a majority of women are more likely to experience a clitoral orgasm than a vaginal one … Sounds familiar? If so, we recommend you to start using G-Kii completely curved to stimulate both clitoris and G-spot area. Use an up and down rocking motion, close your eyes, relax and you’ll soon realise that your G-spot does exist!

As you get more comfortable, you won’t need as much clitoral stimulation and want to focus more on the G-spot. Rocking G-Kii up and down will allow you to alternately hit either the clitoris or the G-spot and help you differentiate where pleasure comes from.

Once you’re familiar with your inner sensation use G-Kii in its extended position to start building up your G-orgasm. This open angle is probably the best for games with your partner, allowing him or her to pilot your G-experience.


If you're a G-expert, reverse the process; start with step 3 and finish with step 1. There are no rules, so feel free to shuffle around all the angles of G-Kii.

In our quest to make the perfect G-Spot toy, and bring pleasure to women and couples, we knew we had to thoroughly research the topic. Working with the Gynaecological Association we were able to compare the measurements of over 10,000 women’s anatomies.

After consulting with experts, from doctors to designers, we realised that only a customisable toy would ensure that the majority of women would find their elusive G-Spot. G-Kii is the answer, with its adjustable function, making it as unique as every woman’s body! As with every toy of our range G-Kii is covered with the highest quality 100% silicone to provide the safest and the most sensual experience.

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Je Joue G-Kii Black Date Added: Wednesday 14 September, 2016

by Anonymous

Je Joue is a bit pricey but I guess you get what you pay for. The quality is second to none dare I say better than lelo. Everything ooozes class. Quick delivery - great job adultsmart.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Je Joue G-Kii Black Date Added: Tuesday 19 July, 2016

by Jade, Kurnell

I'm finding all of the award-winning Je Joue's products very interesting. The more I look at them, the more I feel this way. Rechargeable, sexy and sleek, with fantastic design, I want every one of them. Today I thought I would check out their G-Kii vibrator. Its curved and elegant appearance is simple and eyecatching and makes me want to get to know it more intimately. The G-Kii comes in three deep, sophisticated colours that I adore - an inky black (to match that favourite little black dress); a beautiful dark fuschia - like pink is all grown up and wearing sexy lingerie; and a gorgeous dusky deepest purple (which is probably my favourite, but it is honestly so hard to choose.) Je Joue's G-Kii, as the name suggests, is a G-spot vibrator. It feels nice and firm - which is ideal for your g-spot. But it also has the wonderful addition of being adjustable to create a personalised shape to fit your body. I think this is a fantastic feature in a vibrator, and to see it in such an elegant, high end range as Je Joue just makes my day. And how it works? At the central pivot is a button which, when held in, allows you to manually bend the silky shaft to your perfect shape. It's possible to bend the shaft from a gentle curve to a definite and pronounced 'C' shape to suit your own personal and unique form. When you have adjusted it to your desired curve, release the button and it will stay in shape until you wish to change it. To try a different position just repeat the process until you find the ultimate shape especially for you. Now, because it can curl so well it has the added benefit of allowing you to achieve both g-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. By inserting the smaller, rounded tip for that magical g-spot loving, while allowing the widest end to curve up and tickle your vulva and clitoris externally, you can have the best of both worlds. And we all deserve to be spoiled that way, right? I also love that it has 5 speeds and 7 vibration patterns. Variety gets me every time. You can find your favourite mode and stick to it faithfully, or you can mix it up and play the field. Either way you will find yourself very satisfied. It's also very powerful, having not one but two motors - one in the rounded tip for intense G-spot play and one in the middle of the shaft where the toy narrows so the vibrations radiate out pleasurably to the clitoral stimulator. But it doesn't stop there because the G-kii also doubles as an anal toy! Because of its curved and adjustable shape and smooth exterior, it will be great fun for anal play regardless of your gender. The curved angle is particularly fantastic for prostate stimulation, but it can also be used for A spot stimulation, while the wider end adds to the experience by giving you external stimulation on your sensitive perineum. It really has something for everyone, and being waterproof with magnetic charging points (rather than having a socket or any other open points) it is really easy to keep the whole toy clean and hygienic with an antibacterial toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water. Now this toy is also waterproof and made from high quality, medical-grade silicone, so it is body safe and hypo-allergenic and you can play with it safely wet or dry. And don't forget a good, water based personal lubricant for maximum pleasure. Enjoy!

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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