Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs

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Japanese Silk Love Rope.

The perfect wrist restraint for bondage beginners. Unsurpassed softness, unsurpassed strength. Fully adjustable wrist cuffs provide just enough restraint regardless of wrist size. Silky, alluring rope texture.

Will not chafe or damage delicate skin

Quality tested, high-tensile construction

Bondage booklet included

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Available in Red, Black, and Purple

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Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs Date Added: Wednesday 28 October, 2015

by Amy, Wellington

For beginners, rope bondage can sometimes be overwhelming. It can be a rather daunting task finding the right love rope. From my own experience, finally finding something more satisfactory isn’t that easy, especially since you have to look up all those tutorials, trying to select the right material and suitable length for maximum pleasure. And this is the main reason why many people don’t try rope bondage even though they really love the idea and even dream about it a lot. Japanese Love Silk Ropes has saved many of these people from this problem, since it has been designed to revolutionize rope bondage by maximizing your love making experience like never before.

I loved it from the moment we first used it together with my boyfriend, and since then, this has remained my favorite bondage rope brand. The rope provides perfection on most qualities you find in other bondage ropes and is a perfect evidence of how much love role playing and rope bondage is becoming better by day. My boyfriend and I have always been obsessed with rope bondage but we hadn’t found the right love rope to transform each of our love makings into an unforgettable experience. And when a friend recommended Japanese Love Silk Ropes, he brought is home with him one warm evening. The experience was out of the ordinary, and much more than we had anticipated.

Soft and Gentle on Skin; Let me admit that Japanese Love Silk Rope is the best quality soft rope available it the market right now. Through a special processing system, this rope keeps all the softness you expect to get from silk while it still maintains the perfect strength and integrity for bondage play. It is his silky alluring texture that makes it a really a great choice if you want something gentle and comfortable against your skin. Even those with sensitive skin can be sure to receive the best and safe performance from this soft rope since it doesn’t chafe or damage any type of skin; delicate or not.</p>

Easy to Use; I find Japanese Love Silk Ropes extremely easy to use. For instance, the wrist cuff version features fully adjustable wrist cuffs that allows you to adjust it to fit any wrist size and therefore making it easier for you and your partner to enjoy every bit of the bondage play. The unique plastic clasps are built-in and allows you to subdue your partner with the ease of just a simple pull on this love rope. When my boyfriend cuffs me up with this soft rope, the pleasure is unbelievable, the gentleness is even more arousing and it makes want more of the bondage play.

Construction and Variety of Colors; It features a quality tested and high-tensile construction that helps keep its versatility high and makes it easy to use. It also feature larger braids that has been done nicely and tightly to prevent any injuries or possible irritations. The ropes also come in a variety of colors from which you get to select what best suit your style and preference. They come in red, black, purple and blue. This gives you a chance to maximize the pleasure by including your favorite color into the love making equation.

Perfect Performance; Being a beginner, this soft rope makes everything easy for me. It turns me on to the sensual possibilities of bondage and submission. The feel makes it easy for me to try it over and over again, helping me to perfect my performance with every trial. No need to try complicated knots with this mazing bondage play rope. If you tighten it too much it might feel uncomfortable for your lover, therefore no matter how rough and wild you are playing with your partner, you just need to keep it simple and gentle to avoid any irritations.

It is through Japanese Love Silk Ropes that I learnt how to safely explore my kinky fantasies. The same way it thrilled me the first time I used it is the same way it still does to this moment; in fact it gets even better with every experience. So you should note that this soft rope is perfect for both beginners and experienced bondage and submission lovers and if you use it well, it can change your sex life for the best.

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Thank you for your positive feedback on the Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs. We have to agree this is a great start to the world of rope play

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