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J-Lube is a concentrated lubricant that comes in powder form. According to the bottle, it is manufactured for Jorgensen Laboratories in Loveland, Colorado and consists of 25% polyethylene polymer and 75% dispersing agent (sucrose, according to the MSDS). When mixed with water, it produces a thick, clear, extremely slippery lubricant whose intended purpose is to aid in gynecological examinations for farm animals. However, it is, without a doubt, the best lubricant I have ever encountered. It is inexpensive, easy to mix (just add water!), and contains no peculiar chemicals or preservatives (unless you put them in when mixing it). And since it's water based, it's fully latex condom compatible and body safe.


Who uses J-Lube?

- Artists who use it to produce slime for movies and television shows.

- People into fisting.

-Anal Lubricant

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J-Lube Date Added: Monday 14 March, 2016

by Anonymous

The J-lube is a dry concentrate lubricant-powder made from polyethylene polymer (25%) and a dispersing agent (75%).

Apparently, vets use j-lube to assist animals during birth. This is how amazing this product is!

When mixed with water, the powder changes texture into something resembling (to me) slimy white egg.
It's an extremely slick, and slippery water-soluble clear lube where you can also create your own favourite consistency!
You get to choose the slipperiness of the lube. Now that's amazing.

Just like other animals, humans have found j-lube popular for many years and use it with toy-play such as wrestling and fisting.
Many years ago a regular j-lube-customer once told me his own recipe - and it was easy to remember - so i want to share it with everyone.

you need:
A Mug cup
A tea spoon & a
tomato or mustard sauce container
(from $2 Shop or supermarket)

1. Tip Two heaped teaspoons of j-lube powder into the mug cup.
2. Add water until half the mug is covered and stir with the teaspoon till it become clear and pasty .(this creates lots of bubbles but don't worry)
3. Add more water until the mug is full and keep stirring gently.
4. put the mug cup into the microware and heat-up for between 1mins to 1mins30sec.
All the bubbles will now have disappeared.
5. pour it all into the container and wait for it to cool down or wait until it's at your favourite temperature level. Then its ready to use!

You can also mix this j-lube with essential oils, flavored essence or other lubes.
J-lube doen't contain any preservatives so it's recommended to be used within 1-2weeks of creating.

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