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This is a luxury vibrator unlike any other. Intensity is designed for both pleasure and for exercising your pelvic floor. When used regularly, you tighten your Kegel muscles which results in a stronger and tighter pelvic floor. Your arousal is more intense. Your orgasms are more intense.

What makes it special are several things. One, it's made of high-quality silicone. If you're prone to allergic reactions to materials - especially the likes of jelly rubber - you likely won't react to this one. It has G-spot, vaginal, and clitoral stimulation.  It also inflates like a balloon at a carnival - and this is one hell of a carnival! Just pump the handle whilst the shaft is inside feel it get bigger and bigger. Wow! Whats not to like with that filled-up and plugged sensation. To deflate it just press a small black button on the back of the handle.

Then there are the electrodes at the tip of the shaft.  When charged up and stimulating  on the inside, the Kegels automatically tightened around the vibrator's inflated shaft. You will be aroused by the intensity of this sex toy.


Important - don't turn on the electrodes unless Intensity is inside you.


Je Joue Sex Toys are designed with your pleasure in mind. Being a sex positive company that encourages everybody to explore and understand their bodies sexual desires and needs. Enriching the sexual experience is a task that this multi award winning adult toy company believes in and this can be seen in the quality and beauty of every product they release. So whether your bedroom play is solo or with a lover be assured that these pleasure objects are luxurious, stimulating, and sensual and may be personalized for your ultimate pleasures.

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Intensity by Jopen Kegel Exerciser Date Added: Thursday 26 November, 2015

by Stephen, Mornington Peninsual

The intensity has long been hailed as one of the future directions of vibrators, and despite it's alien looking appearance you can see why. It is a vibrator. It is a kegal excerciser. It inflates.
Why does it do all of these things? Well, if you remember the electrostim stuff you'd recall that electrical jolts to the vaginal walls contract the muscles - this helps with blood flow, and the contractions actually tighten and tone the muscles so its essentially a work out whilst having fun! Now, similar to the Lelo brand and Fun Factory, jopen understands that all vaginas aren't the same so what they've done is they've included the inflable shaft. Not only can you get a more fulfilling sensation when you insert this, but you can ensure that the electrode contacts touch the skin, and create a circuit. The shaft inflate to allow for a personal fitting - and to ensure complete satisfaction. For the best results, the electrodes should be held at different depths of the vagina from close to the entrance, to deep inside. This ensures that a variety of muscles are stimulated correctly. Turn on the electrode components and off you go. It's easy to see when the toy is on by the by the little red light, now its important to remember that even if you can't necessarily feel the electrodes working, that they could still be actually working. The idea is to slowly increase the strength until it becomes noticable without being uncomfortable. Also, it is strongly advised that you insert the toy in the deflated position and then inflate it after it has been inserted. Pay close attention to the little 'inflatable' parts of the toy when cleaning as dust can gather here and it will need to be cleaned appropriately with a silicone friendly toy cleaner. The electrodes have 10 levels of electro stimulation, and the clitoral stimulator has 3 speeds and 2 different pulses. The handle, despite an odd and awkward appearance has actually been designed more in line with solo play than people realise. It just takes the wrist at a slightly different more relaxed shape than other vibrators with the knuckles facing down with the thumbs at the top on the controls. Despite it's awkward appearance the Jopen intensity is an all-in-one kind of vibrator that should be given a second chance.

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