Ignite Butt Plug Flesh XXtra Large

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SI Novelties

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Butt Plug (XX-Large) , Lengths: 19 cm (7,50 in), Diameter: 11,60 cm (4,58 in), Material: Vinyl


Si Novelties is the new kid on the block that is making inroads into the adult product industry.  Specializing in some extreme toys they cater for the Kink Culture Clamps, Restraints and rubber sheets for the kinkiest of kinksters.  Exxxtreme toys to satisfy the more extreme tastes. Pleasure dongs that come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Cleanline the erotic hygiene line that keeps you clean whilst playing dirty as well as other accessories.  So why not try Si Novelties sex toys – you may just like it!!


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