ID-Lube Juicy Fruit Lubricant

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juicy Lube Water-based formula, Flavoured, Latex & toy play friendly, Pump, Ideal for oral sex too

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The relationship between condoms and lubricants is well documented. In fact, even the fumes from some petroleum products can cause an immediate break down in the condom’s protecting power. So for the ultimate in protection with lubes, you want to make sure the lube is condom safe! With ID Juicy Lube’s their flavored line of condom safe lubes provide the protection you are looking for and a pleasant taste that won’t hinder the action! Without safety, even the most incredible night is a risk. With ID Juicy Lubes, you can eliminate risk and just enjoy yourself.



Lubes are for more than just anal and vaginal sex. Of course with anal, lubes are always necessary. It is just important to make sure the lube is condom safe. Some lubes break down the protection that condoms provide and can lead to someone passing or receiving a disease. But condoms are also used to prevent the passing of diseases through oral sex as well. One problem? Condoms don’t have the pleasant taste that oral sex is associated with. The solution? ID’s Juicy Lubes are 100% condom safe and come in several delicious flavors to make oral sex as stimulating for the giver as it is for the receiver.

You want to be safe in any kind of sexual encounter. One way to do that is with condoms. They protect you from catching anything from your partner and your partner from catching anything from you. And since chances are there will be some kind of lube involved to make the sexual encounter more comfortable, you have to be aware that some lubes cause condoms to break down and rupture. With ID Juicy Lube, that just doesn’t happen. ID Juicy Lube is 100% Condom safe! And with a wide assortment of pleasant flavors to choose from, the night is looking better and better.


ID lubricants have been on the market since the early 90’s and they have continued to develop and evolve their range. They have dedicated themselves to premium and quality lubricants that are as sensual as they are durable and long lasting. They have successfully expanded both nationally and internationally and are a globally recognized lubrication brand


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