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You won't be escaping so easily from the houseofharlots if you walk in with this BDSM cat of nine tails with red slappers . Designed for hardcore and a widespread angle of attack this sexy little vixen is made specifically for women to use on their victims.


The biggest range of fetish and bondage gear is owned by Hell’s Couture. They produce myriad of unique pieces across ranges such as leather wear, leather restraints to steel sex toys including penis plugs, metal restraints, steel butt plugs and a host of kink gear in between. If you’re looking for something new, something kinkier than what you have, then you can be guaranteed that Hell’s couture is going to have exactly what you’re after.

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House of harlot Flogger Black Leather Six Tails Date Added: Tuesday 10 October, 2017

by Anonymous

If your business is like mine, you rarely hear when people are impressed or happy. However, they never fail to complain if they are not happy for any reason.

Therefore, I wanted to write and tell you a little about our experience dealing with you, and also a little about us.

I have been buying online for many years, and from all over the world. Apart from only two shady sellers, my online purchasing experiences have all been really good.

That said, I always feel a certain detachment when dealing with an online seller. It may be the distance, it may be the anonymity, but I think it may be something else.

You will probably get some insight regarding my age with the following comment, however, I find that receiving great service has become a rare thing these days, even if you are face-to-face in a store. Once the money changes hands, the service usually stops.

Therefore, I am totally amazed with the exceptional service that you have afforded me.

You have certainly cemented yourself at the top of our best online retailer list. Scrub that, the word online is somehow redundant here. You are at the top of our retailer list, full stop.

As an aside, from someone who works in IT, your online help mechanism is a great tool. I know, from experience, it is difficult to staff this type of function 24×7, however, in my opinion, it is a great site feature that is worth persevering with.

After a quick online help chat with Kim, she somehow negotiated with the rest of your staff, to not only expedite my order, but have it delivered the very next day!


For completeness, please let me explain the reason for contacting you in the first place.

Shortly after I placed my latest order on Monday (yesterday) morning, I received a call from my wife (the lovely Di), who said we needed to organise a semi-urgent trip to see her parents, in Melbourne.

We decided that Thursday would be the best day to go, as it allowed us time to tie up a few loose ends at work, and also time to organise accommodation.

Then it dawned on me. What about the parcel I'd ordered from you, only an hour or so before? No one would be here to collect it.

As it has turned out, one of our children has gratuitously decided to 'house sit', while we are away. I think it has more to do with the free Internet and the full fridge, more so than anything else.

However, we also thought it would be nice to take a couple of the new toys with us.

In fact, before I contacted your online help, I thought the best we could hope to organise, would be to try and get the parcel delivered Wednesday (tomorrow), or perhaps Thursday, before we left.

As it turns out there was no need for us to worry, as you guys are terrific, and had it all covered.


Now that my wife and I are empty nesters, we have rediscovered the fun we used to have together, when it was just the two of us, before we had children.

Rest assured, you have a pair of very grateful and extremely satisfied customers here, not only because of the great fun we are having with your exciting products, but also the outstanding service that you have given us.

Please give a heart-felt thankyou, from us, to all your wonderful staff.

Have a great day,

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