Hirschman Anoscope

Herchy, Steel Anal Scope

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 A sensual medical play and fetish toy that has a delightfully lovely smooth finish will allow you to gape your lovers ass wide and see the beautiful fresh meat that you will later enter.  Fantastic device for sexual foreplay or for medical sex play.  True surgical steel quality  material will delight the user and receiver.


An anoscopy is an examination using a small, rigid, tubular instrument called an anoscope (also called an anal speculum). This is inserted a few inches into the anus in order to evaluate problems of the anal canal. Anoscopy is used to diagnose hemorrhoids, anal fissures (tears in the lining of the anus), and some cancers.


Approximate Measurements:


Length: 65mm  /  Diameter: 22mm

Plug Diameter: 19mm  /  Plug Length: 98mm


Length: 90mm  /  Diameter: 22mm

Plug Diameter: 20mm  /  Plug Length: 120mm


Length: 90mm  /  Diameter: 25mm

Plug Diameter: 22mm  /  Plug Length: 116mm


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Hirschman Anoscope Date Added: Thursday 04 February, 2016

by Anonymous

The ano scope is a long thin device with a removable centre, Whilst not necessarily for examination without a light, it can be used in humiliation scenes by inserting liquid into the region.

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