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When only the biggest will do - here comes Goliath Kit.  If you want the biggest dick look no further than this and get maximum growth.  Goliath came about because of the wildly successful result of his smaller sibling Hercules.  Penises grew so much that Hercules was too small to continue penile growth adequately. The goliath is one of the largest penis pumps in the world - this is the pinnacle of penis growth and development and it doesn't get much better than this. Experience the best from Bathmate.


Aqua Blue and Clear



Shower Strap

Measuring Gauge

Carry Bag


So when you want a big bad boy that the women are going to gasp over, the men are going to envious of and the porn stars will give you that knowing wink.  Get Goliath -  when bigger is always better.

The Goliath pump comes in water resistant bag for easy storage and travel, a shower strap for ease of usage and an accurate measuring gauge.  Made from the best materials about it will not irritate the skin and any metal is stainless steel so wont rust and is very good for hygiene.


 The Goliath was born for two reasons; first being that our Bathmate Hercules customers demanded a larger version and the fact that the adult industry, that has become accustomed to using the Bathmate on their male stars to enhance their performance and size, also needed a device for their better hung stars. Now being sold in over 39 countries around the world for five years the Bathmate and has become an overnight success, not because its pretty and easy to use, but because it does what it says on the box. The benefits and results it can bring are amazing!

Benifits Increase your penis length Increase your penis thickness Gain volume quickly Boost your self confidence Straighten out bent penises Enlarges your penis head Helps you last longer in bed A video demonstrating how Bathmate works Uses the remarkable power of water Works in the bath, shower or air Can be applied in a matter of seconds using only one hand Encases the whole penis, thereby producing increased girth along the whole length of the shaft Can be used with the Ultramax pleasure ring specially designed to fit over the root of the penis while the pump is being operated and which allows normal ejaculation Lengthens the whole penis, not simply the foreskin Produces a solid rock hard erection the full length of the penis


Bathmate is a premium male enhancement pump. Using a revolutionary technique for penis pumping, this UK designed pump has proven to be one of the best male pumping tools in the world. The use of water as part of the process is what makes the Bathmate and Hydromax pumps stand out from the crowd. This is a world renowned company that has dedicated themselves to making the process of increasing your penis size to be as easy as going to the gym. The Hydromax Bathmate range has become one of the most popular pumping systems with dedicated users all over the world



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Goliath Bathmate Kit Date Added: Friday 27 March, 2015

by Kent, Bankstown

In the event that you find that conventional pumps simply aren't up to your speed then the Goliath is the arrangement you've been sitting tight for. The liberal size will fit even the hugest man, and the Goliath is assembled to the same elevated expectations as the greater part of the Hydro Pump penis pumps.
The Goliath was conceived for two reasons; first being that the Bathmate Hercules clients requested a bigger variant and the way that the sex toy industry has gotten to be acclimated to utilizing the Bathmate on their male porn stars to improve their cock width and size they required a penis pump for their hugely hung stars. Presently being sold in more than 39 nations as far and wide as possible the Bathmate has turned into an overnight success story not on account of its pretty and simple to utilize product but since it does what it says on the instructions and advertising.
The increases and results it can bring are outstanding! Benefit’s that will increase your penis length Increase your penis thickness gain volume rapidly boost your self-assurance, straighten out bowed penises, enlarges your penis head Helps you last more in sexual encounters. A feature exhibiting how Bathmate functions, uses the exceptional force of water. It works in the shower or air and can be connected in a matter of seconds utilizing stand out hand Encasing the entire penis consequently delivering expanded growth along the entire length of the penis. It can be utilized with the Ultramax cock ring extraordinarily intended to fit over the base of the penis while the pump is being worked and which will allow the pumper to climax.
I adored the various feelings that accompany picking this water safe penis developer including getting greater size, a bigger head, and also better at sex. The Bathmate Goliath penis enlarger uses water to make your penis larger from all points of view. At the point when utilizing this pump, you'll discover that it will be expanding your penis length somewhere around two and seven centimeters in size with results really starting to show after 4 weeks. In my case I gained 3cm in 6 weeks.
You will also find that the width of the penis winds up being thicker, and you will see a more significant head which will give others the impression you are horse hung when wearing trousers out. You will find that with successive usage of the Goliath you will take joy in much harder erection quality. While the physical wellness of the penis enhances the same runs with your hard-ons, and you'll discover getting an erection now is simpler than at any other time.
This can be an astonishing item for treatment erectile dysfunction issues I have read. Simply slip on a cock ring at the base of your cock and pump your penis up to erection. Once there remove the Goliath and the erection should remain until you release the blood from the cock by the removal of the cock ring.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Goliath Bathmate Kit Date Added: Saturday 05 April, 2014

by Zhan, Peacock Point

This was a great buy for me. I had some crappy pump that I bought from an adult shop that did very little but the Goliath certainly worked for me. I love being able to use it in the shower and the price you guys sold it to me was sensational.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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