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In magical times, Genies roamed the earth in the form of beautiful women and gave themselves wholly to the pleasures of men. 1000 years ago, a jealous sorcerer locked them all in bottles to punish them for their wicked ways. Now these trapped Genies are yours to unlock your every wish is their command. Rub the bottle, make a wish, and set your Genie free!!! Genie In A Bottle M Cup Back To Paradise. Set me free.

Take your experience to new heights as you enjoy this new sensation. Super-smooth tight interior gives a realistic sensation every time you penetrate. Safe, fun, and great for increasing stamina.  They are designed for a one time usage but many people use it a few times.  Set your genie free in lustful ways.



Now this little hole is tight. You will have to push in slowly, letting her relax, open up and accept what you have to give. This forbidden hole opens wider and wider, pulling you in and beg you to to go as deep as you can. The grip of the final chamber is sweet, forbidden vice, sucking you deeper down into its ridged canal. Genie In A Bottle Back To Paradise is a part of the Genie In A Bottle M-Cups.

I dream of Jeannie!  Well actually I dream of Genie in a bottle the fantastic new male masturbator that gives sensational feeling and relief to men.  Back to Paradise is a super smooth masturbating cup that is tight to penetrate.  Take Genie home and take genies virginity and experience waves of sensual pleasure.



When you want to experience the magic of erotic sensations then grab a hold of one of these Genie M-Cups that will take you along for a magical ride of sexual exploration. Masturbation is something that all men enjoy and adding a great feeling stroker makes it only better. A nice price for a great time!


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Genie M-Cup - Back To Paradise Date Added: Tuesday 26 May, 2015

by Pete, Southport

I’ve always found men’s toys to be adorable. I know that sounds weird, but they make squishy noises (depending on the material), they stretch, and are just all-around interesting. I’ve been waiting for someone to come into my life and let me buy them a stroker to use with them, fast forward some awkward storytelling, and we have the tale of my purchase of the Juicy Mini Male Masturbator. These things are just super cute — I’m guessing most guys probably don’t base their masturbating on the cuteness of the toy, but in this case my partner allowed it. Well, he didn’t really have much say. Having never used a stroker on someone, or even purchased one before, I had to think a bit before just buying the biggest, baddest masturbator so I decided to go with the cute, and well priced, Juicy. These toys are not only good looking, they are easy to hide/store and come in several different textures that include their own lube and are reasonably priced. It seemed like this was the perfect toy to get for my first masturbator so I chose Luscious Lips. It was a bit of a surprise when it turned up. Nothing worth networking aobut, but still enough to be happy about. The packing is quite cute. After unwrapping the M-Cup toy, I pulled down my pants, lubed my manhood up (maybe a bit too much), and I went to town. The overall experience was pretty damned good as it was new, and interesting. Not that I don’t love giving myself handjobs and masturbating, but with the Genie in a Bottle Lucsicous Lips, it was something totally different. The lube did make it a lot easier for me to go longer than usual than with a regular handjob and, of course, with all the tension worked up from the longer than usual foreplay. It really did get me off and the feeling and texture felt almost like real sex and the cum that followed was just spectacular — though it usually is, but that’s another story. What makes Genie in a Bottle even better is that, since I believe it’s made from silicone, it’s super stretchy.. These M-Cups are supposed to be disposable (one use only) but after washing it with some anti-bacterial soap and letting it dry I put it back on the shelf and had a couple more plays. The amount of stretch this toy has is amazing and amusing — more so once you start using it you realize how much potential this toy has. I disposed of it after three uses (two days) but am not sure how much longer your could keep it - re-using it. All in all for the price I give it two thumbs up.

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