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Gvibe², second edition, is a stunningly keen toy both for ladies' and men's pleasure

Gvibe² has now 100% (double the) additional power as it gloats 3 influential motors – 2 in the tips and 1 in the pole. The absolute best thing is that additional vibrations does not mean you need more charge  time–  and better still the time of operation stays the exactly the same as before – 4 hours on one battery. With the Gvibe² tips area change, now it gets to be perfect for men for prostate stimulation.   Gvibe² is a lovely anatomical vibrator, as well as one that will aid in medical ailments. Ladies will appreciate its 3 vibrators and 6 new vibration modes which will energize them immediately

Environmentally sound, hypoallergenic, licensed premium medicinal silicone is even silkier and more adaptable than before.  Try Using a lubricant for added fun.

The new enhanced silicone in the Gvibe² opens new energizing approaches to utilize the toy as it is considerably smoother and has additional adaptability. Being 100% waterproof and not just water-safe, Gvibe² is incredible to play with in the shower or bath. Gvibe² gloats its attractive charger so now charging is super-simple and brilliant. New vibrant colors will please all.

Available in Blue and Purple

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G-vibe 2 Massager Date Added: Sunday 15 March, 2015

by Sarah, Manuka

You just need to take a gander at its outline to see why. When I first saw this toy I thought 'WTF?! OUCH!?' But how wrong I was. It's mind blowing! I cherish toys that are diverse and emerge from the swarm. Not like I need to sound better than thou or anything, however when you have a sex toy accumulation as large as mine, seeing the same old toys turn out gets a bit boring and finding the next better thing even more difficult.

The G Vibe 2 is… .. Is really quite expensive for a vibrator however the price is completely justified and worth every dollar. It's extraordinary quality and feels astounding! You can purchase it from my most loved sex toy sites and adult shops and the main difference between the original version and the 2 is it has double the power. More oomph than you will ever need to use.

About the design

I adore it. So out of the ordinary. Looks a bit terrifying at first glance however when you touch it your brain will go nuts with all the fun you can have. The two flexible tips are extremely adaptable and can without much of a stretch twist to hit the spots you need them to. The vibration settings are all glorious and feel incredible on aesthetically pleasing control. The controls are so easy to push, which may sound a bit ordinary yet believe me, I have a few toys and it’s a somewhat of a mission to change the settings! Which certainly takes away from the whole sensual experience when you are in the moment!

Flawless flip open box with decent cushioning inside that snuggly fits the G Vibe 2 set up. Would make a gorgeous gift as it looks so good. I think it’s very tasteful but not over the top. It likewise accompanies a well-made silky style bag that has the capacity to hold the toy, charger and lube should you be travelling.


You can tell when you touch the G Vibe that it is well made. From medical grade silicone it is smooth with no join marks or seams! The silicone feels like silk against your skin. Completely divine! It likewise has a 1 year guarantee so you know it is well made. With three vibrating motors and double the strength in the G-Vibe 2 you will not want any other sex toy.
The G-Vibe 2 can be used by both men and women in various sexual positions being limited to just your creativity and the 2 is now 100% waterproof for sex in the shower or a rub in the tub.

Best Ways To Use It

Goodness, where do I begin!? I specified adaptability in my stars list on the grounds that I genuinely discovered such a variety of cool approaches to get off with the G Vibe. Which again makes it emerge from the rest. What's more I am extremely inventive in my masturbation techniques, even with a standard toy! To completely reveal to every one of you the ways I'll need to do a feature article as it’s a just limited by your sexual creativity and there would be hundreds of positions you can use it.

Who this will be ideal for

Any single lady that wants something other than the norm. It is a great couples sex toy. Men can get heaps of fulfillment from the G vibe as well, running it along their cock amid masturbation or oral sex. Tenderly over the balls amid any sexual action. Stimulating that prostate for a mens sex toy experience. What I truly delighted about the G Vibe however is it feels incredible wherever you put it. It makes the ideal shape to run over bosoms, thighs, waists, arms, necks, practically anyplace! You can truly have a ton of fun and simply satisfying one another( (or yourself) in such a large number of diverse ways with the g vibe 2. The way that it is rechargeable improves it even more and although it has double the power it still takes the same time to charge and lasts as long as the original version.

Putting it inside is a beautiful feeling. Initially (before touching it) I was frightened that it would be uncomfortable and/ or cause a bit of pain due to its shape but I could not have been more wrong.

Over all, I think this is a fabulous toy and I HIGHLY recommend it! Would make a beautiful blessing for an exceptional woman (or a pleasant treat for yourself). In any case you decide to play with it (there are a lot of approaches to explore different avenues) I can basically ensure you're going to appreciate it and give it a 10 out of 10.

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