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Gvibe², second edition, is a stunningly keen toy both for ladies' and men's pleasure

Gvibe² has now 100% (double the) additional power as it gloats 3 influential motors – 2 in the tips and 1 in the pole. The absolute best thing is that additional vibrations does not mean you need more charge  time–  and better still the time of operation stays the exactly the same as before – 4 hours on one battery. With the Gvibe² tips area change, now it gets to be perfect for men for prostate stimulation.   Gvibe² is a lovely anatomical vibrator, as well as one that will aid in medical ailments. Ladies will appreciate its 3 vibrators and 6 new vibration modes which will energize them immediately

Environmentally sound, hypoallergenic, licensed premium medicinal silicone is even silkier and more adaptable than before.  Try Using a lubricant for added fun.

The new enhanced silicone in the Gvibe² opens new energizing approaches to utilize the toy as it is considerably smoother and has additional adaptability. Being 100% waterproof and not just water-safe, Gvibe² is incredible to play with in the shower or bath. Gvibe² gloats its attractive charger so now charging is super-simple and brilliant. New vibrant colors will please all.

Available in Blue and Purple

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G-vibe 2 Massager Date Added: Monday 04 January, 2016

by Terrie, Brunswick

the G vibe is a fantastic looking toy. which has a unique shape, made from medical grade silcone,is soft and pleasing to the touch. The texture has an almost skin-like feel to it. The two ears of the vibrator are quite bendable, allowing me to bring them together or separate them with no problem at all. There are three motors inside this toy, one at the base, and one in each ear, so that promises a lot of power all motors work simultaneously. easy to hold as has a hole at the base for good gripThe controls are simple. A plus button increases the intensity or turns the device on, while a minus button reduces intensity or turns the device off. Between the two is a button marked with a wave that is intended to change modes. 6 modes of vibrationthere are so many possibilities with this toy. it can be used solo male or female or as a couplethe tilt at the handle and the hole through it, makes the controls more accessible and the toy itself easy to grip.both ears in the vagina one ear in the vagina, one on the clitorisvaginal and analanal and perineal penis stimulationbreast stimulationclitoristhere are so many other things you could do with this toy if you use your imaginationthe g vibe does makes minimal noise. quiet enough that no body else could herei guess one problem with this toy is that both ears point outwards so when both ears are in vagina one would aim for the clitoris but the other may be uncomfortable if you didnt like it pointing into the other side of your vaginal wall and some of the suggestions that are in the packaging are not possible for some people.The insertable length is about 15cm. The circumference of the toy is around 4cm. this toy is capable of both external and internal stimulation.the g vibe is rechargeable has a magnetic usb charger. initial charge is 2hrs then quick charge after that, 4 hour play with full chargecompletely waterproof1 year warranty

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