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The vibrating strapless toy for couples.

A best-seller for over a decade, the classic SHARE Couple TOY is now available with a bullet integrated into its base. The new version of this all time favorite love toy is called SHAREVIBE.

SHAREVIBE has a short end (the bulb) and a longer end (the shaft). The short end is inserted vaginally into the partner playing an active role in lovemaking. The partner WEARING the SHAREVIBE is in complete control of the toy’s longer end by intuitively holding it with the pelvic muscles. The receiving partner will love the girth and length of the shaft, which was designed to feel just like an extension of the wearer’s body.


Because SHAREVIBE is harness-free, it offers two lovers the chance to feel each other’s hips and skin during intimacy. The active partner may use her pelvic muscles to clench on the short end and control the long end perfectly, as if it were part of her own body. Love making with SHAREVIBE feels intense and completely natural, unlike the sensation lovers may get from harnesses.

The revolutionary feature about the SHAREVIBE is that it houses a removable bullet stronger than any vibration unit typically used in such couple toys. Partners will love the 2 vibration rhythms and 3 intensities on this waterproof and rechargeable vibrating bullet! Its vibrations can last up to 90 minutes at full speed. As all toys Made in Germany, SHAREVIBE is designed for performance and the bullet’s incredible strength is testimony to the fact that FUN FACTORY always keeps a tight focus on functionality.

SHAREVIBE was made to enhance intimacy between two lovers. This is why FUN FACTORY took care to design its shape so perfectly, making sure it moves organically with a couple while they are making love. The part connecting the short end to the long end offers some flexibility, which allows the couple to enjoy all their favorite sex positions without having to reset the toy during transitions. From missionary to doggy, on land or underwater, SHAREVIBE moves with a pair like it is part of their body.




SHAREVIBE is ideal for couples in search of an upscale strap-on toy. This German-made, silicone beauty is the only toy of its kind with a strong 5-pattern rechargeable vibrator bullet incorporated into its base. As such, it lets a couple share vibrations during lovemaking. SHAREVIBE also enhances intimacy by allowing for more skin-to-skin contact between lovers thanks to its strapless design. This CoupleTOY feels and looks just like an extension of her body; using it to make love will seem completely natural. Cleaning SHAREVIBE only requires soap and warm water, or a basic toycleaner.

  • The only SHARE with a 5 speed vibrator in its base!
  • Luxury bullet is rechargeable and submersible
  • Bullet can be removed from sheath for external massages
  • SHAREVIBE looks and feels like an extension of your body
  • A strap-less “strap-on” for more skin contact between lovers
  • Smaller bulb is vaginally inserted and held by the active women for pegging
  • Pleasures active and passive partner simultaneously
  • Moves with the couple (adapts to sex positions)
  • 100 % medical grade silicone, odorless
  • Silky soft texture
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy to clean with toycleaner or water and a mild soap
  • Size: 8.6 in. and 1.1 in. (passive part) / 1.5 in. (active part)
  • In nude, pink and dark violet 


 Fun Factory has redefined the vibrator industry. German made and designed, Fun Factory have created stylish, powerful and innovative vibrators that above all else, are fun. Delightfully cute designs, amazing colours that stand out and using the highest grade materials available, Fun Factory is a premium brand that has become synonymous with power, design and innovation

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Fun Factory ShareVibe 2.0 Date Added: Wednesday 25 November, 2015

by Andrea, Taren Point

Fun Factory's SHAREVIBE.

The ShareVibe is ideal for anyone who wants to renew the strap on they're already using, to people who're entirely new to the strap on world. As per usual with Fun Factory toys, it is German made, made from 100% body safe/medical grade silicone. It has a silky soft texture which screams luxury.
Inside the box comes with a full set of instructions as well as the USB magnetic charger.

It is the only SHARE by Fun Factory to have a 5 speed bullet in it's base. This toy is also 100% waterproof and submersible.

The smaller bulb/end is held inside the active user, making them 100% in control of the toys longer end, by simply holding it with their pelvic muscles (how about that! Whilst you pleasure your partner, you're also being stimulated by the bulb held inside, AS WELL AS exercising your Kegel muscles). The toy was designed to feel like an extension of the wearers body, unlike strap-ons which can be uncomfortable to wear, limit skin to skin contact and generally aren't as high quality as Fun Factory's ShareVibe. Due to the ShareVibe being harness free, it allows couples to experience more intimacy due to the increase in skin to skin contact. The toy is also extremely flexible meaning it can be used in any position whether it be on land or in water!

This would be suitable for all couples looking for something different to change up the roles in the bedroom, whether that be with F&F couples, F&M couples or even M&M couples (in more limited positions however... ).
Therefore, this toy could literally appeal to anybody and is definitely an asset in the bedroom.

What I love about the ShareVibe:
- Removable bullet: making two toys out of one, ensuring double the fun (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it - unintentional rhyme haha)
- 100% waterproof
- Extremely flexible allowing for many different positions with a limit of just your imagination
- It feels like an extension of the body
- It pleasure both active and passive partners
- No harness, ensuring more skin to skin contact

All in all - I love the ShareVibe by Fun Factory and think it would be a great add to anyone's collection in the bedroom draw.

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