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Now this is the kicker of a prostate massager.  The Duke is going to leave you feeling royally and analy fucked.  It will massage the most intimate regions of your prostrate to press all the right areas.  It is double ended - one side being larger that the other so that you find the right side for you.  100% waterproof with the Click n charge technology that comes with all the fun factory german made and designed sextoy.




The curved and bulging shape of the Duke will fill you up and press all the right areas. Uniquely curved to hit the prostate, this double-ended vibrator is designed for use with either side inserted. The opposite end will work as a stop to keep it in the correct place while massaging the perineum and testicles. The bulbous ends are a joy to insert and remove, and provide maximum prostate stimulation.


A removable bullet that inserts into the silicone body powers the Duke. The silicone material is non-porous and body-safe for a hypoallergenic experience. It is easy to clean and works with any water-based lubricant. The strong bullet vibrator is whisper quiet and provides three vibration programs that combine with three different levels of intensity. Operation of the Duke is intuitive with an easy start FUN button and two buttons that control the function and intensity level. The Duke recharges with Fun Factory's special Click 'N' Charge system, and like all of their rechargeable toys it is 100% waterproof.


Take the Duke alone with you into the shower or the hot tub, and clean it by fully submersing it in warm soapy water, then rinsing thoroughly. It is easy to take care of and charges quickly for extended periods of use. Add some intense prostate stimulation to your next solo experience, or use the Duke to enhance your next sexual encounter. The rounded and curved shape, plus multiple functions and intensity levels will give you plenty of options as you use your prostate stimulator in the water or on dry land.


Order the Duke in masculine dark blue today and by tomorrow you will be feeling the award winning sensations that have made this toy so popular.


Love comes from the heavens...we have a piece of heaven right here on earth, for you and others to bestow incomparable moments. With exciting sex toys for singles, couples and for all kinds of playful passion. Everything from FUN FACTORY, one of Europe's largest manufacturer of erotic toys and number 1 when it comes to vibrators and dildos.


Going through life many people enjoy fine foods, appreciation of fine are or attending sporting events – steering away from a mundane life looking for moments of passion and surreal enjoyment. Often couples will do the same thing for their relationships – who wants to be in a dull and boring marriage? Fun Factory Sex toys create ‘beautiful things’ that couples and those into solo play can both admire and are practical to use. Since 1996 they have been pioneers in creating colorful adult product that are body safe and ergonomically suited to their use. The image of ‘smutty’ and ‘cheap’ when mentioning sex toys is gone with the most thrilling and beautiful products coming into people’s lives.

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Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager Black Date Added: Thursday 18 February, 2016

by Chloe, ALC Kogarah

The Duke by Fun Factory is a "no frills" prostate stimulator that is genuinely good at what it does. Sometimes in this field you come across company's who tend do add weird functions that surely weren't tested, or pretty colours that distract you from the fact that it's actually a rather boring toy to attract attention to the product - for you to only find once purchasing that it's rather boring, doesn't satisfy your needs and doesn't do the job that its been advertised to specialise in. This is not the case with Duke. Duke was made with the male anatomy in mind, and whilst it does have an interesting shape, it was well thought out and pays off - as the reviews online are boasting its excellence everywhere.

Initially when looking at the Duke, my mind couldn't figure out where the flexible silicone prong would sit. It actually rests up against your perineum (the area between your testicles and anus). I initially thought it would rest between your cheeks. Whilst it sort of sounds silly that I thought that, I was looking at the top bulb, which would actually be facing away from the prostate. Duke was designed this way so that it is the part on the central bit of the shaft that is resting against the prostate instead. As shown in the delightful diagram below.
‚ÄčIt fits the male anatomy like a glove!

This toy would be suitable for most users. I actually sold a Duke today to a man who was just starting out in prostate stimulation, so I explained to him where it sits in the body and talked him through the process of using prostate stimulators for the first time etc. Whilst some would say this shape is a little daunting for the first time, its not that sizeable, and when used correctly would be more than comfortable and forgiving due to the super soft and flexible silicone.

In use, the top bulb is supposed to create sensations of depth and 'fullness' as well as acting as an anchor to keep the toy in place. The central shaft is slightly curved to rest against the prostate perfectly.
Due to being so flexible, the Duke is more then suitable to wear during movement or during sex but should be used with plenty of lube, due to the 'matte' feel of Fun Factorys toys skin.

The Duke is a rechargeable toy which is charged through Fun Factory's signature 'click and charge' method. The great thing about this, is that because the Duke is powered through Fun Factory's removable bullet it means you don't have to have the entire unit on display whilst charging. The user manual says the Duke on average lasts 2 hours on a full charge.

Duke has 6 vibration settings (3 speeds and 3 functions) and is powered simply by a one button control system. The vibrations travel really well throughout the toy, even on the external prong.

I overall really love the Duke by Fun Factory and think it makes an excellent addition to any prostate stimulating enthusiasts who like powerful, good quality toys.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager Black Date Added: Monday 03 August, 2015

by Simon, Twin Towns

So when you want to be royally fucked up the ass the Fun Factory Duke should be your choice. Described as the ‘prince’ of anal toys you will be delighted with the soft and flexible silicone curves of this baby that have been ergonomically designed to push up against your perineum whilst the bulb weaves its magic and works its way up inside you to your prostrate. Once there the central shaft is designed to pull up against your prostate until the job is done.
If you are just trying anal play for the first time I would not recommend this toy. Something like the Aneros Syn would probably be more appropriate. The Syn is small enough to barely realize you have penetrated your ass but so well designed that it is easy to milk your prostate and thereby appreciate just how good anal play from men can actually be. The first time your successfully milk your prostate you will understand what all the fuss is about – not to mention that many people believe it is extremely beneficial to men’s health.
In stark contrast to the simply designed Aneros the Fun Factory Duke has quite a few twists and turns and is wide enough that you are certainly going to stretch yourself whilst inserting it however it is not that big that it is a task you will have to prepare yourself. In saying that liberal amounts of lubricant will make the whole thing more appealing and easy.
The Duke is fully rechargeable using the ‘Click and Charge’ technology Fun Factory has made famous and can be charged through a usb port on almost any device or charger. Put simply ‘Click and Charge’ technology is two diodes on the charging cable and on the toy that are magnetized to when you place them close enough they stick and charge. Average charge time is about 2 hours that gives you up to 4 hours of continuous toy play.
You can used the Duke a number of ways and it is flexible enough to allow it to be worn whilst having sex. It is too large to wear around in public but easily fits and stays inside if you are so inclined to do so in the sanctity of your own space. It doesn’t thrust, prod or poke but rather rests and vibrates giving a very comfortable and filled feeling. It is also suitable, once placed inside, for hands free fun if you are inclined to masturbate or in some other way stimulate yourself or someone else.
There are 6 vibration choices and you turn the sex toy on by keeping the plus button down for about 3 seconds and turn it off doing the same thing in reverse. The vibrations were strong enough for me and I would say that would include most. It is not the quietest toy in the world but the silicone coating I believe cloaks the sound a bit too. You would be comfortable that no-one could hear you behind a closed bedroom door but could not use it in the same room as somebody else without them hearing it. However you can also remove the bullet for it to become a non-vibrating prostate toy or to use the bullet as a separate sex toy.
Being a non-waterproof sex toy when you want to really clean this you should remove the bullet and clean it warm water with just a bit of normal liquid detergent. Afterwards dry it off and then place it in a silk or similar storage bad so as not to attract dust. The Duke is a great anal sex toy and functions well as a butt plug as well. The extra versatility of a removable bullet I find a benefit. The vibrations are deep and rumbly which is what I prefer with any vibrating prostate toy. I would highly recommend this toy for people that enjoy anal sex or have used anal sex toys before but not for anal novices.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">4</span> of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager Black Date Added: Friday 28 February, 2014

by Cole, Northbridge

I love this toy! I have been looking for a soft 100% silicone prostate massager for a long time and this one is great.It has a much larger design than most other prostate toys which I like because when inserted properly you can where this while thrusting from the front.The bullet is rechargeable and comes out of the silicon sleeve which super easy to clean (dishwasher safe!!).I am also thrilled because my doctor has told me to only allow a very soft vibration while doing prostate massage and the DUKE has exactly that-six soft pulsating vibrations.I am happy with the Duke the only thing I would change is that the vibrating bullet really needs to be waterproof but other than than 5 stars!

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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I love the Fun Factory Line.  Some are a bit noisy but you must remember that the vibrator is stronger than most.

on 2014-03-20 12:48:54

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