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French Maid Ella Bidoe

Ella Bidoe

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When you like to do a bit of sexual role playing what is better than having a stylish and beautiful woman in a French Maid style outfit. What is it about cleaning outfits that just create an instant eroticness - maybe it's the fact that by cleaning they make themselves dirty. Though it could also do with that secret desire to be dominant and have a sexual submissive. Regardless of your attraction to the idea - this is one of the outfits that you can use to fulfil that fantasy.


This very sexy number is going to make sure you serve your lover all the treats he loves and when you turn around, Oooh la la, what a view will befall him.  Your lover is lucky that you are going to get that feather duster and tickly him into submission and if he doesnt appreciate that turn the duster round and punish his naughty bottom with the cane. Classy and sexy Ella Bidoe Lingerie Australia.


One size fits most.


Sizing is according to Imperial standards for all ‘Ella Bidoe’ products and are used as a guide only. Sizing may vary slightly according to individual item aspects


Ella Bidoe has created an extensive range of stylish and beautiful lingerie. They’re a company that understands the importance of lingerie and have done their best to create an affordable and beautiful range that suits all sorts of body shapes, body’s and unique styles.

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