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Pink Mr. Limpy

Realistic Cyberskin Cocks


 Is it cold in here?  The extra small mr. limpy is perfect to antagonize your small-statured friend, or as a great gift for your recently married ex-girlfriend.  The opportunities for humiliation are virtually limitless, and we preemptively applaud your creativity.

Length: 3.5"


 "Are you in yet?"  Man's most dreaded four words are incarnated into this fleshy creation.  The ideal size for launching from a water-balloon launcher to deliver a high velocity, anonymous face shot, this squishy projectile is sure to be a big 'hit'.   


 Length: 5"


 "I'm sorry baby, this has never happened to me before..."  We hate it when that happens.  Designed to replicate a night of heavy drinking, no matter what you do to Mr. Limpy, it just won't get hard.  "Why Mr. Limpy?  WHY!"    

  Length: 6.5"


The ultimate realistic limp penis comes without the excuses, but feels just as realistic as the real thing. Whether you dance with it, play with it, pack it, or just need a good paperweight, contrary to any experiences you may have had, the uses for Mr. Limpy are limitless.

Length 8.5"


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Fleshlight Mr. Limpy Date Added: Sunday 20 December, 2015

by Scott, Stradbroke

Why Buy Mr Limpy - well we are going to talk about packing. So - there's two main ideas of packing. The first is to give the appearance of a bulge for theatrical, or 'realistic' purposes. Think Transgender pre-op or a drag king or even a guy at an underwear party.
This type of packing has the potential to not only look like a bulge, but feel like a bulge as well and this can have enormous psychological benefits for those that suffer from some form of gender dysphoria.
Those that are experiencing Gender Dysphoria feel that their physical gender does not match their mental gender and they attempt to correct that in whatever way that they can. It is a cause of severe distress, depression and anxiety. Packing can be a way to ease that discomfort and help the individual deal with various social situations such as dressing rooms. As a queer cis-male It is incredibly difficult for me to attempt to accurately explain Gender Dysphoria without coming across as offensive and from a privileged position, so out of respect for the individuals with whom experience it, i'm going to let them and their families tell their own stories in the links below. Mr Limpy comes in four sizes from XS - L with 3.5", 5", 6.5", 8.5" lengths. Mr limpy can make all the difference when it comes to the physical shape of underwear as seen in the image below.

It is designed to fit neatly into underwear (general or purpose fit for packing). It is incredibly soft and made from an elastic polymer. The downside to using this material is that when being cleaned it will need to be dusted in corn flour to prolong its life and to prevent it from becoming sticky. Another downside to Mr Limpy is the fact that it is 'limp' and flaccid which brings us to our second idea behind packing; it is for those wishing to engage in penetrative sexual play, whereby Mr limpy is not an ideal toy. By that i mean a harness is worn with a firm strap on, for the express purpose of penetrative play. Mr Limpy, however, can be used within a harness (to keep it in place) which can then be interchanged with a firmer toy which can be used for penetrative play.

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