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  Teagan Presley is known for both her receiving and giving skills as noted, especially as far as her famed rear is concerned. You’ll recognize her butt as quickly as her 34C’s and Texan accent. As a former Digital Playground contract star and current Adam & Eve favorite, Teagan has starred in over 50 porn movies and even more scenes. Her skills have earned her over a dozen award show wins, from the likes of AVN, XBIZ and XRCO.


“I love the fact that Fleshlight allows my fans to be closer to me than ever before, and if my Fleshlight can make someone happy, there is nothing better I can ask for!”

As her fans will know, anal is Teagan’s specialty. Not Bewitched XXX, Deviance and The Bradys XXX: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia showcase her erotic playtime in this department and others. Outside of performing, she recently teamed up with Eva Angelina and director/executive producer Joshua to create a new studio called skinworXXX. Their first movie, Deviance, landed them an AVN for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene back in 2010. Teagan now holds the director’s reins as well as starring in her own films, ensuring that her F.A.M.E Awarded Favorite Ass gets more than enough screen time.

The blonde gun enthusiast’s lightly inked curves have appeared on over 100 magazine covers and landed her roles in mainstream movies Superbad and Entourage. Teagan is keen to maneuver herself “closer” to you, by way of her signature vagina, butt and mouth Fleshlights:



Cast directly from Teagan Presley, the infamous Penthouse Pet and pornstar, this Fleshlight Girl looks as good as she feels. With a discreet case and internal Super Skin Lotus texture for lifelike sensations and unbelievable orgasms, time and time again.  The beautiful Teagan Presley has had each subtle curve and gentle fold of her tight pussy sculpted into this sensational Fleshlight.



One of the first pussy castings from the Fleshlight Series is the infamous ‘Lotus Sleeve’. The texture of this inner canal is available with every Fleshlight Girl in the series so is the standard of the series.   After entering the tight vaginal lips the first canals wall is smooth, then it is followed by the nodes known as Lotus that are in the shape of a lotus flower in a concaved chamber, this also is about 20mm in length. On exiting the Lotus chamber you enter one shaped like a tear drop that also has smooth walls also 20mm in length. The final chamber has a tight chamber again 20mm in length.



Although this is one of the original Fleshlight styles it is still one of the most popular due to its ultra-realistic feeling and stimulations. The changing sizes of the chambers increase and decrease the tightness giving an awesome sensation akin to having real sex.




Teagan is well known for her anal scenes. And virtually every guy watching has fantasized about doing her up her ass. As you can see, that anal hole is tight. Look how it perfectly matches the real thing. Just looking at it turns you on.



One of the main stays is the Forbidden anal canal from Fleshlight is designed to simulate the sensations given whilst having anal sex and is a best-selling men’s sex toy. The Canal starts with a 30mm long entrance the first half covered with several gently textured ribs it then changes to a wavy coiled canal which is also smooth. Once this entrance way is penetrated you enter a wavy tunnel that is approximately 20cm in length. These waves ensure that the penetration is tight giving the penis a gentle massage and wrapping around it just like when having rear action sex.



The sensations are realistic and is a masterpiece creation from Fleshlight. There are molds from some of the most popular porn start butt that allow you to experience realistic anal sex with your favourite adult actress. The tightness at the opening and then the counter woven simulations the wavy main canal has make it unbelievably pleasurable with real feel sensations. No wonder the Forbidden was chosen to represent so many versions.




The Swallow texture is famous for the recreation of an oral sex experience. It is one of the best selling and classic textures out there for that reason, and is intensely pleasurable.  Designed to simulate oral sex the Fleshlight Swallow is the sleeve that is used for all the Fleshlight Girls. The entrancy is molded from your favorite porn stars lips and allows you to slip your hard cock in that luscious mouth with ease into the first ‘bump ring’ that stimulates the penis head. Once through that you enter the first of three chambers the first being of a ribbed texture and approximately 8cm long. Your penis then enters a wider 2cm chamber that has two bumps in it (I assume to simulate the tonsils/back of the throat) and that is followed by the best part when the tunnel constricts for approximately another 12cm giving you that deep throat feeling. It was so realistic that I expected a gag reflex but this baby could take all my manhood and hold it in.



The Swallow is aptly named and actually does feel like you are received deep-throat sex minus the gagging. There is a sucking sensation when you are in the ribbed texture chamber that is very intense. If you are into Fleshlights you must have one of these in your collection.




Ever wondered what it would be like to be inside of Teagan Presley? Is it possible to imagine a more pleasurable experience than pounding its tight corners? One of the best Fleshlight Girl’s Signature Texture in existence is the Bulletproof model. Get ready to experience the most satisfying and soft representations of one of the most talented derrieres in the porn industry.



As a girl who is slightly shorter and more petit than most in the industry, many male co-stars have lost themselves in the feeling of this tiny and gorgeous diva. The Bulletproof Fleshlight is an insert that is designed specifically to emulate the anal sex experience accurately and strives to make the experience ever so pleasurable. You might need some lube as you gear up to get yourself squeezed tightly by this magical sleeve.



The texture is designed specifically designed for Teagan Presley’s fleshlight so make sure you pick the right size. This fleshlight girl’s signature texture is about 8.8 inches or 22.5 centimeters long. The average sized Penis will fit easily and rather happily into its soft confines. Teagan’s tight little asshole will grip your Penis tightly without judging you on your size. At its widest point, it’s around 0.7 inches or 18mm in width, at its thinnest point you will have a 0.39 inch or 10mm clearance. So remember to pack a little lube as you take off on this tight and wondrous journey, especially if your tool has been blessed in the size department. The Real Feel SuperSkinTM is skin couloured on the inside, The Bulletproof model is unique and gives you an experience that feels natural, safe and extremely pleasurable as if you were doing the real thing itself. The experience of cruising down a real asshole without any of the drama attached.



There are uniform bumps inside the sleeve, they will grab your penis in just the right way and massage it until you explode into an orgasm. These 5 wavelike bumps of goodness are soft textured and a little bit large, each is around 1.2 inches or 3cm. With each thrust the bumps will make you feel better and better, pleasuring even the skin on your penis more and more. All in all with such regular and exciting stimulation, Teagan Presley’s butt will surely finish you off.




The Primal will definetely give you a rewarding experience.  If you are looking for a different experience, here is an answer to your prayer. The fleshlight masturbator, Primal is made to satisfy your inner hunger.  Molded from the private part of Teagan Presley’s body, Primal will make your wild fantasies come true. Unlike other fleshlight, Primal has a different texture that makes you feel like it is a realistic vaginal penetration but with intense and unique sensation. It’s several chamber and bumpy texture, it can give a unique and tingling sensation to your whole body.




At the entrance of the canal, two chambers with a size of .6x,6 inch that has bumpy sides. It gives you an exciting pleasure that makes you continue for more. A lotus node with 1.8 x .6 inch that extends to the main chamber. As you thrust deeper, you can feel that the masturbator is getting tighter and you can sense all its bumpy sides and the end of your journey is a flat-topped bump. A part of a chamber gives you the tightness that gives you an erotic sensation like it’s massaging your manhood.  The good thing about Prival is that, whatever size you have, it will make sure that you will feel a different pleasure in using it. If you have a smaller shaft, a reservoir that serves as a vacuum that feels like a suction and intensifies you to release your load. 




With this fleshlight, Teagan Presley is waiting for you 24/7 anytime anywhere. You don’t need to find a woman to satisfy your hunger. Primal will provide everything for you. You just need a wild imagination that will perfectly satiate what sensation you feel. A surprise is also waiting for you for every piece of prival is a unique signature of the porn star. What are you waiting for? Give your shaft a rewarding feeling with prival



Have you imagined doing something wild with a porn star? Here is a solution for your wild imagination. Molded from the exclusive pussy of Teagan Presley, the Trigger is delectably designed so that it truly looks like Teagan’s actual pussy because of its pale beige sleeve With about 9.5-inches or 24.5-centimeters long, you’ll be able to fit your penis and gives you a different sensation.  Men ranging from 4-inches or longer can easily appreciate this texture.To bring you a different sensation, the Trigger has some unusual contours within the canal. These unusual contours are the reason you feel a different sensation.


The Trigger’s interiors are like a set of nipples and fingers that spread out at different angles and as a welcome gesture, two large finger-like nodes that touch your penis once you entered the hole. Two, large fingertips slide across your penis head as a welcoming gesture. The inner area of the insert has a multitude of bumps with different density. With this, your ecstasy wants to be released but you know that you are still a long way to go. This different density, allow you to become trapped within the texture making you feel like it’s a blow to your penis.


You will also feel a grasping-and-releasing sensation, whereas large men will feel as if the penis is being tugged. With the trigger, you can really prove that the deeper you have, the tighter it gets. Starting with 1 inch in diameter, it makes you want to penetrate it more and feel more bumps to your penis. The sensation it gives is addictive as you continue deeper. And as you can feel that the canal’s width is narrowing, making you thrust deeper and pull it again.


.The interior nipples have some flexibility as you thrust into the canal. Because they move across your skin, the nipples literally massage all of your trigger points. In fact, your shaft has several different trigger points for simulation purposes. The canal uses every inch of the walls in order stimulate your member. The Trigger name is perfectly suited to the hidden texture and makes you wonder what is inside it.  The grip of the Trigger and it’s nodes is what makes it special. With trigger, it really triggers your imagination to go further and feel a different sensation. You don’t need to do it alone since, in your imagination you are doing it with a sexy porn star, Teagan Presley.


Fleshlight Masturbators have been the number 1 selling male sex toy now for almost a decade with good reasons and using them stimulates a real sex feeling, is totally safe to the body and with proper care can be used over and over again. There are the Fleshlight stars whose private body parts have had molds made of them to give you the ultra-realistic sex toy the exact replica of your favorite adult actress. There are also niche products like sex in a can or the Alien Series or Flight Masturbators. With so many varieties to choose from you will never have a boring night in.


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Fleshlight Girls Teagan Presley Date Added: Thursday 09 October, 2014

by Gareth, Lithgow

Let me start by saying I am the most massive fan of Teagan Presley. She is my ultimate porn star favourite and in a perfect world would be my women. Teagan Presely was born July 24th, 1985 in The Woodlands, Texas USA. And she began her porn career as a stripper to earn some extra money. Her boyfriend at the time, what a looser, split up with her as he was against her doing it. They say hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and so for ultimate revenge she found an agent and went straight into the porn movie industry.
Her first movie in 2002 was a Redlight Production, Just Over 18, and over that first year starred in over 60 uncut movies. In 2004 she started doing anal scenes and signed an exclusive with Digital Playground for three years. When her contract was over she started her owned website and porn company with Tyler Woods her husband who was also in the industry. The company did not do as well as expected and they closed it down in 2008 – going back to what she did best and that is do porn.
Teagm towards the end of 2008 had her breast implants replaced and in what was probably a first auctioned them off on e-bay – the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research and legal bills. She split with her husband and in 2010 announced she would no longer be doing boy/girl scenes and would strictly do solo and lesbian shoot. She also founded her new company Skinworxxx. I reckon Teagan is the most popular porn star in the world although most lists have her in the top 10 anyway.
So this brings me to the part of the story I was getting to and that is the Teagan Presley Fleshlights. Being the world’s biggest Teagan fan I think I am an authority on these as I have each one so here is my review. Now remember all fleshlights are taken from a mould of the actual porn star so for me this is a mensextoy made in heaven/
Teagan Presley’s Fleshlight Vagina
There are three choices when it comes to Teagan Presley’s vagina – the Lotus, the Mini-Lotus and Love Humps. The Lotus is the most realistic vaginal intercourse feeling possible. A smooth tight entry, with a slightly wider vaginal canal, it’s just like its human predecessor. The Mini-Lotus has all the same realistic vaginal features of the original Lotus, but moved close to the orifice. The Love Humps was inspired by Teagan’s Unstoppable arse, and was designed as a hybrid between the Teagan Presley Lotus and Teagan Presley’s Forbidden Ass Fleshlights.
Teagan Presley’s Fleshlight Mouth
The Teagan Presley Swallow experience is one of the most realistic oral sex experiences you can have. Starting with a moderately tight opening, then leading into a ribbed texture, it will drive you wild. Two thirds of the way into her mouth you experience the back of her throat, which leads into a super tight canal.
Teagan Presley Fleshlight Butt – Forbidden
You will not find a more realistic anal experience than the Teagan Presley Forbidden. Allow your anal fantasy to come true with one of the all-time greatest anal porn stars. Moulded directly from her own tight little arse and created with a soft, Superskin, the Teagan’s Forbidden simulates the unique and naughty pleasures of anal sex with one of the Top Porn stars of all time.
Now don’t forget that fleshlight also has a shower mount should you wish to have some fun in the suds and not have to hold onto your fleshlight sextoy.

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