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Jessica Drake created her own Guide to Wicked Sex, so it goes without saying she’s a goddess in the pornographic world with a resume fit to please you while you play with her Fleshlight vagina, butt and mouth. Jessica’s Fleshlight was the winner of the Best Sex Toy title in the TLA RAW Awards in 2014, so you know what you’re dealing with.

Jessica has been active in the adult industry since 1999, following an earlier career as a stripper back in El Paso, Texas. She went on to dominate the industry, ultimately securing a place in the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame. There’s not much Jessica hasn’t done. Her trophies have acknowledged her excellence in double penetration, oral sex, group sex and masturbation. Her empire is located under the Wicked Pictures umbrella, where she’s been a contracted performer since 2003. You’ll likely recognize Jessica from erotic movies like Fluff and Fold, Tasty, Kissing Girls and Jessica Drake: The Craving. These features and more showcase her performing talents, but she’s now also a part of their creative team. Jessica is provocative and sensual, and her body of work won’t fail to impress.

The next installment of her Guide series is entitled BDSM For Beginners. Otherwise, you can catch her teaching and speaking all over the world, when she’s not exerting her sexual appetite on camera.



An exact replica of Jessica Drake's famous curves and folds, this Fleshlight Girls realistic vagina features a textured canal to massage and pleasure your shaft with each stroke. Lube up and go for intense pleasure from your favourite pornstar. Sexy pornstar Jessica Drake is renowned for her petite features and delicate curves. Admire the perfect shape of her petite vagina and rounded clitoris before exploring her inner texture.


 Plunge into the tight opening and enjoy the sensation of textured chambers stroking your length, creating a pleasurable suction. Widening and narrowing at different points, this smooth, lifelike vagina offers sublime pleasure on demand.  With a depth of 9 inches and narrow opening, this male sex toy delivers exquisite sensations to every size.Jessica's signature lower-case autograph gives this lifelike sex toy her seal of approval and the assurance that it's a perfect replica of the most famous vagina in porn.



One of the first pussy castings from the Fleshlight Series is the infamous ‘Lotus Sleeve’. The texture of this inner canal is available with every Fleshlight Girl in the series so is the standard of the series.   After entering the tight vaginal lips the first canals wall is smooth, then it is followed by the nodes known as Lotus that are in the shape of a lotus flower in a concaved chamber, this also is about 20mm in length. On exiting the Lotus chamber you enter one shaped like a tear drop that also has smooth walls also 20mm in length. The final chamber has a tight chamber again 20mm in length.



Although this is one of the original Fleshlight styles it is still one of the most popular due to its ultra-realistic feeling and stimulations. The changing sizes of the chambers increase and decrease the tightness giving an awesome sensation akin to having real sex.




Sin 'til you climax with the Jessica Drake Forbidden anal Fleshlight! Made from Superskin, and moulded to perfection, let your fantasies become a reality. All you need to do is lube her up and she's ready to go! Fleshlights are super easy to clean too, so she'll always be ready to when you are.



One of the main stays is the Forbidden anal canal from Fleshlight is designed to simulate the sensations given whilst having anal sex and is a best-selling men’s sex toy. The Canal starts with a 30mm long entrance the first half covered with several gently textured ribs it then changes to a wavy coiled canal which is also smooth. Once this entrance way is penetrated you enter a wavy tunnel that is approximately 20cm in length. These waves ensure that the penetration is tight giving the penis a gentle massage and wrapping around it just like when having rear action sex.



The sensations are realistic and is a masterpiece creation from Fleshlight. There are molds from some of the most popular porn start butt that allow you to experience realistic anal sex with your favourite adult actress. The tightness at the opening and then the counter woven simulations the wavy main canal has make it unbelievably pleasurable with real feel sensations. No wonder the Forbidden was chosen to represent so many versions.




 Experience the blow job prowess of blonde bombshell and award winning porn star Jessica Drake with her signature Fleshlight Girls Swallow. Lube up and go for intense pleasure from your favourite pornstar. Sexy pornstar Jessica Drake is renowned for her petite features and delicate curves. Admire the perfect shape of her petite lips before exploring her inner texture.


Plunge into the tight opening and enjoy the sensation of textured chambers stroking your length, creating a pleasurable suction. Widening and narrowing at different points, this smooth, lifelike mouth offers sublime pleasure on demand. With a narrow opening, this male sex toy delivers exquisite sensations to every size. Jessica's signature lower-case autograph gives this lifelike sex toy her seal of approval and the assurance that it's a perfect replica of the most famous lips in porn.



Designed to simulate oral sex the Fleshlight Swallow is the sleeve that is used for all the Fleshlight Girls. The entrancy is molded from your favorite porn stars lips and allows you to slip your hard cock in that luscious mouth with ease into the first ‘bump ring’ that stimulates the penis head. Once through that you enter the first of three chambers the first being of a ribbed texture and approximately 8cm long. Your penis then enters a wider 2cm chamber that has two bumps in it (I assume to simulate the tonsils/back of the throat) and that is followed by the best part when the tunnel constricts for approximately another 12cm giving you that deep throat feeling. It was so realistic that I expected a gag reflex but this baby could take all my manhood and hold it in.



The Swallow is aptly named and actually does feel like you are received deep-throat sex minus the gagging. There is a sucking sensation when you are in the ribbed texture chamber that is very intense. If you are into Fleshlights you must have one of these in your collection.





This fine texture is dedicated to Miss Drake's exquisite pussy. It's an entire 22.5-centimeters in length, however you need not be worried by the length. There are a number of pleasure giving sections in this texture you won't miss a the fun in case you're somewhat smaller than the normal male. This beauty will accommodate you in any shape, size or frame.    This texture is made up of around 6 sections with each section having its own mind-blowing unique sensation to offer. Coils, bumps, ribs and a lotus constitute the length of this creation. It's generally straight shaped for your dick, and it has not a single boring section to it.




As you begin to plunge into this sleeve, don't rush the process. Your head will encounter the bumpy ring that is embedded just inside the opening. A changing pattern of tightness and slight looseness allows your cock to experience a number of mind-blowing all at the same time. This specification aspect itself is such that it will give you the feeling like you’re having a real woman in the room. 




After the initial section, you will encounter a tight segment that offers suction like no other. Your dick will then go through the coiled area, then through the lotus, ribs and lastly through the bumpy section. There are many sensations over the 9-inch sleeve that it nearly drives you into fuzz amid your thrusting process. The sleeve will guide your part in the correct path as it approaches the last chamber and a definitive sensation. The pussy surface and texture plus the details are well to an extent that you may think that you're really with this actress.  From sucking to massaging, Jessica Drake gives you a climax of a lifetime that can be achieved a few times each day in case you're up to the test. You will love having this texture added to your collection and dream about those celebrity ladies and how it feels to be in transcendent paradise with them.


Fleshlight Masturbators have been the number 1 selling male sex toy now for almost a decade with good reasons and using them stimulates a real sex feeling, is totally safe to the body and with proper care can be used over and over again. There are the Fleshlight stars whose private body parts have had molds made of them to give you the ultra-realistic sex toy the exact replica of your favorite adult actress. There are also niche products like sex in a can or the Alien Series or Flight Masturbators. With so many varieties to choose from you will never have a boring night in.


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Fleshlight Girls Jessica Drake Date Added: Sunday 31 May, 2015

by Bentley, Cronulla

#1 Selling Male Sex Toy Fleshlight Girls. Showcasing a precise similarity of Wicked star Jessica Drake, this attractive toy is a fabulous expansion to a line of porn starlets from Fleshlight.
So it comes as no surprise that Jessica Drake should, in conjunction with Fleshlight put our an ultra-exact replicas of her most intimate body parts in both look and feel, The Jessica Lotus, Forbidden and Swallow were made to fastidiously nitty gritty determinations, with a final result that is completely dream commendable, and constantly prepared and ready for you when you are.

Formed into an a precise copy of Jessica Drakes' pussy, ass and mouth, you'll feel delicate lips as you enter the famous Fleshlight sleeves inside, next you'll encounter a smooth, ultra-tight passage that augments unobtrusively into hot, undulating waves that grasp and discharge you sensibly completely through. It was made to flawlessly imitate vaginal, anal and oral sex, the reversed passage gets you in speedy, and the joy chambers give compelling incitement, which can really help you prepare yourself to last more in bed. Similarly as with all Fleshlight models, you'll have the capacity to modify how firmly the internal dividers grasp you by differing the suction; extricate or take care of the top on the base of the packaging to see for yourself.

The configuration of this masturbating sex toy truly is ideal for self-delight, the body is styled like a customary electric torc,; as well as makes for a characteristic and agreeable to grasp. Besides basically holding your Fleshlight Girl close by, you may need to wedge the case between sofa pads or cushions to be utilized without hands, or attempt an exceptional Fleshlight mount that gives you a chance to copy probably the most well-known positions whilst being in Jessica Drake.

A progressive, ultra-safe Flshight-licensed Superskin material making up the removable inside sleeve brings about a staggeringly delicate and practical feel, you'll cherish how it warms to the touch, warming normally to body temperature when using. You can play with temperature considerably all the more by warming up the sleeve in warm water first or using the new Fleshlight Warmer and toss your lube in while you're grinding away for a greater extent genuine feel.

You'll adore how Superskin keeps its shape like genuine tissue, its delicate and versatile, and holds you tenderly. It'll keep going quite a while if watched over appropriately, and once you've encountered the vibe of the Fleshlight, you'll most likely need to draw out. To clean, wash altogether with warm water, abstain from utilizing cleansers – just light soap and warm water. It's vital to let it dry totally before putting away it away. When you have had it for a while, the sleeve may get somewhat sticky, if this happens, simply sprinkle it generously with Fleshlight's Renewing powder to restore the delicate quality.

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Fleshlight Girls Jessica Drake Date Added: Monday 16 March, 2015

by Anonymous

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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