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Riley Reid has a very illustrious career within the porn industry. Looking for Riley Reid adult films is remarkably easy because she has been in so many as she is incredibly popular and the epitome of todays American Megastar. An accomplished chef, prolific reader and an exuding of a love of life that is just intoxicating, it's no wonder that the folks at Fleshlight wanted to immortalise a piece of her for every horny man to take home with them.


Vaginal Texture Lotus

The Lotus texture is one of the much loved traditional textures of the fleshlight girls range, and every single Fleshlight Girl Range will come with a lotus texture. Classic, simple and intense it remains one of the favourite textures within the Fleshligh Girl range, and once you slide into it and feel the immense power of it's suction and the individualtity of each of its chambers you'll easily see why.


Fleshlight Girls Exclusive Texture Utopia

Featuring a revolutionary new coiled design complete with unique “pleasure pockets”, Riley Reid’s Utopia is the perfect combination of ribbed pleasure and tight stimulation. Every thrust deep inside her orifice makes for maximum pleasure, ensuring you the ultimate orgasm.


 This pussy texture is a great choice for those looking for their first or second Fleshlight sleeve. There’s enough variety here to excite with sensation, but you won’t be left feeling overwhelmed. A couple of practice sessions will ensure you get to grips with what’s on offer, helping enhance your use. That being said, this sleeve is great for more laid back sessions and everyday sensation and a solid climax. The shallower ridges and bumps also mean this sleeve is easy to use.



Fleshlight Girls Exclusive Texture Euphoria

Fleshlight Euphoria will take you to new heights of pleasure.

After the tremendous success of the very pleasurable Utopia, Fleshlight has taken it to the next level with the new Fleshlight Euphoria. This texture is a tribute to the signed aperture of the acclaimed porn artist, Riley Reid. The innovative male sex toy has taken the market by storm and exclusively features Riley’s most recent prized possession, her butt. Euphoria features a very interesting internal design that would steer any Riley Reid hardcore fan into frenzied passion and attain the most powerful orgasms! 


Over the years, Fleshlight has been rated as 1st amongst all erotic toys obtainable in the market. Reasons for that galore! The toy helps in titillating your senses without causing any sort of damage to your body. It is easy to clean and maintain. Fleshlight adult toys offer quality and durable and this is what makes them so appealing. One of the main attracts of this toy is that it comprises desired body chunks of its advertised stars. So when you use it you experience that real- experience as if that actress is actually rubbing bodies with you. Numerous niche adult toys namely Alien series, sex in a can or for that matter Flight Masturbators, vibrators are also witnessable.

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