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Lisa Ann is a MILF superstar in the porn industry. She has made great success both as a performer and as a director and is generally considered to be one of the Queens of the MILF category having won nearly a dozen awards over her illustrious career. 


When filming she puts all of her talents to use and she is just about as salacious as they come in every single one of her scenes that she has done note just the the killer adult films Brazzers, but also for every single production company that she has worked for. 

With that in Mind, Fleshlight is proud to now offer the #1 MILF in porn! Made from actual casts of Lisa Ann, you can now have Lisa any way you want to. From her ultra-realistic Lotus textured vagina to her gripping signature Barracuda texture, each sleeve is built for ultimate pleasure.


Fleshlight Anal Texture Forbidden

Combined with incredibly lifelike detailing and an irresistible inner texture, this is the closest you'll get to being inside her forbidden territory. Shaped into an exact replica of Lisa Ann's backside, you'll feel the soft opening cling gently as you enter the exciting Forbidden sleeve, which mimics anal sex extremely well. The first thing you'll feel is a super tight, ultra ribbed canal that gradually gives way to subtle, stimulating waves. As with all Fleshlight models, you'll be able to adjust how tightly the inner walls grip you by varying the suction by loosening or tightening up the cap at the base.

The revolutionary, ultra safe Superskin material making up the removable interior sleeve is incredibly soft and realistic feeling, you'll love how it warms to the touch. You'll love how Superskin keeps its shape like actual flesh, it's soft, elastic and grips you gently. Lube up and plunge in! Once inside your throbbing length will be treated to a soft ridged texture to stimulate the head of your cock. Delve deeper and the tunnel shape is a soft wave that mimics the anal anatomy. Close your eyes, get into a rhythm and it will be easy to believe your actually pleasing this hot porn stars' ass.



Fleshlight Vaginal Texture Lotus

The absolute most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible. Beginning with our smooth ultra tight entry then blossoming into a slightly wider, more comfortable canal, the lotus is exactly like its human counterpart. Feel every one of Lisa Ann"s intimate folds and curves in her SuperSkin sleeve, created from her actual body casting and infused with the intense lotus texture in an exclusive pearlescent case.


Fleshlight Oral Texture Swallow

The mouth comes with the Swallow texture which is a very close replica of a throat and gives you that deep throat feeling because of the ridges, finishing with the tight canal that hugs your head tightly. Very pleasurable indeed and part of my favorites collection (the Swallow texture).


Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Exclusive Texture Barracuda 

The Barracuda texture is a gripping battery of unmatched pleasure. As you enter the sleeve, you will feel subtle resistance from front-facing bristles. Break through a thick passageway to reach the final chamber, which features massaging, gripping fingers that will rub and tug you to relief.


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Fleshlight Girl Lisa Ann Date Added: Monday 20 April, 2015

by Anonymous

I love viewing a touch of MILF porn and I've seen Lisa Ann in various movies. I would need to say she's one of my most loved more seasoned porn stars, so I looked forward to getting the Fleshlight moulded from her parts. She's a fit looking woman with an attractive and sensual mouth and I'd been hanging to go for a Fleshlight molded on her mouth, (or Fleshlight swallow as they are known) as I had never attempted one so I considered the time had come to add a Fleshlight Swallow to my collection and the Lisa Ann was my choice.

Lisa Ann, a glittering dark haired beauty who just gets more engaging with age, graced the porn scene somewhere around 1993 and 1994. Her braggart abilities first started in front of an audience as a provocative dance expert amid her school years in 1990, when she later turned into a guaranteed porn star. In 1997 she quit the porn business because of an AIDS alarm. Amid her time away she came back to moving in strip clubs around the United States. Later she came back to the business as first a consultant and after that inevitably as an entertainer once more. It was amid this time she established Clear Talent Management, which later was renamed Lisa Ann's Talent Management, situated in California.

Lisa's over 10 years vocation proceeds with extraordinary quality as her prevalence develops. She is maybe a standout amongst the most famous entertainers in the "MILF" and "Cougar" classes of the porn business.

I couldn't wait to get The Fleshlight Swallow out and the swallow surface addition which is intended to recreate a mouth and throat. I got a photo of Lisa Ann with her gigantic tits up on my PC and got my Fleshlight prepared. It accompanied a sachet of lube so I warmed the Fleshlight up with some boiling hot water, then lubed it up and dove my prick inside. The passage was at first tight however once inside I could feel the ribbed surface against my dick which felt awesome. Most of the way in I could feel the zone which is the back of the throat and after that it fixes which is to repeat the throat. This gave an exceptionally practical deep throat like experience. I discovered the surface was so sensitive and managed and I blew my cock in a matter of moment.

Upon entrance into the Lisa Ann Fleshlight oral waterway, the penis head is invited by the first knock composition, which makes various little pointed incitements. Brought on by the penis development, the knocks get to be bowed toward the trench way out and in this way whirl around your penis head, not permitting any piece of the head to go unstimulated. The consequent go through of the 0.4 inch choking between the chambers is truly detectable and gives an extreme and brief snugness sensation.

After that, you achieve the second load and the penis submerges into an exceptionally thick timberland of knocks that wrap around your penis head, massages and strokes the penis surface upon each development inside the channel, accordingly making an extremely pleasurable feeling. In spite of the fact that the channel with a measurement of 0.7 inches (18 mm) is generally wide, it all things considered feels tight in light of the fact that the knocks and bumps distend profoundly into the tunnel, applying consistent counter-weight onto the penis surface.

Upon entering the second chamber the knocks and bumps get to be bowed in the other way, therefore escalating their wrapping massage impact. At the point when sliding in and out through the two chambers, the pointed stimulations interchanges in the middle of more prominent and less power, contingent upon which bumps get to be twisted. This outcomes in a blend of tight constriction and then loosening in each insertion.

The constriction between the chambers has been flawlessly situated at 8 cm from the channel passage. Accordingly, with a normal penis length (5.9 inches/ 15 cm), it is effectively conceivable to achieve the narrowing and to feel the shift of the contrastingly adjusted bumpy surfaces. There is a lot of space between the bumps for vacuum aggregation and consequently a solid suction impact rises before long, which ends up being relatively stronger than inside of most other Fleshlight I have tried and is particularly discernible.

I've utilized the Lisa Ann Fleshlight various times since and it feels better with each go. The climaxes improve with each utilization. I have believe with this Fleshlight that the less lube I use it gives a substantially more enjoyable, realistic and delicate sensations.

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