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Joanna Angel is one smart cookie and not just your average porn star. With a degree to her name she is one of the more heavily tattooed adult stars and is well known for her tatoos and beautiful style. She is responsible for starting up the alternative style porn company Burning Angel  known for their inked girls, alternative styled women, and kink.


Joanna Angel is both a performer, writer and director and is incredibly popular around the world. As such she has teamed up with the folks at Fleshlight to bring you a range of masturbators purely for male pleasure. Enjoy the range. The Joanna Angel Fleshlight has a variety of sleeve options.


Fleshlight Girls Vaginal Texture Lotus

The Vaginal texture of the Lotus is something that is brought out with all of the Fleshlight girls and it has been designed to be a low intensity, slow build up texture that has incredible texture. This is the most popular texture in the Fleshlight Girls range because of its realism and eventual intensity.


The texture of this inner canal is available with every Fleshlight Girl in the series so is the standard of the series.   After entering the tight vaginal lips the first canals wall is smooth, then it is followed by the nodes known as Lotus that are in the shape of a lotus flower in a concaved chamber, this also is about 20mm in length. On exiting the Lotus chamber you enter one shaped like a tear drop that also has smooth walls also 20mm in length. The final chamber has a tight chamber again 20mm in length.


Joanna Angel exclusive Fleshlight Texture Punk

Being slim and with a texture transversing the rib, the Punk Sleeve is only more interesting. It is eight chambered. All the chambers take the shape of a ring and are in different diameters. With constant changes in friction, both increase and decrease, the texture of Joanna Angel stimulate a good feeling. A sensation of smoothness and tightness. It grips my cock and gently releases it, then repeats this process again. This depends on where the penis in positioned in the canal.


Joanna Angel exclusive Fleshlight Texture Misfit

The Misfit is one of the most intense textures within the Fleshlight range and is not recomended unless you like your stimulation hard, intense and fast. The canal has three different chambers and each chamber has their own specific and unique texture that will simpyl drive you nuts.


Fleshlight Masturbators are one of the biggest selling adult toys for men. Intense stimulation and pleasure bringing devices, its little wonder then why the brand has sold millions of units across the globe – the number one selling male masturbator in the world if we’re going to be blunt. Fleshlight creates a range of masturbation toys, male pleasure toys, lubricants – they want you to experience pleasure in new ways and they do an amazing job at doing so

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Fleshlight Girl Joanna Angel Date Added: Saturday 03 March, 2018

by Anonymous

love her work... love her fleshlight!!!

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Fleshlight Girl Joanna Angel Date Added: Thursday 10 March, 2016

by Anonymous

Love girls with tats - and fleshlights never dissapoint

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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