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The Flight range by Fleshlight is a more compact, sleeker version of the original Fleshlight range. The Flight is very stylish, minimal and perfect to take traveling with you due to it’s smaller size.

The Flight range is 8 inches in length, 6 inch of which is penetrable. With each Flight you get the cool frosted white sleeve, the stylish black casing and a small tester size sample of Flesh Lube.



Available in:

The Pilot with black case, texture (as we’ll be reviewing) has a number of bumps, fingers and ribs inside the sleeve ensuring your “flying to new heights”.


The Instructor with white case, texture designed for a more sensual experience, this is like a travel version of the Stamina Training Fleshlight


The Aviator utilizes a continuous design for the texture. The stimulation is produced by short notches, whose edges firmly rub along the penis. 


Fleshlight Masturbators are one of the biggest selling adult toys for men. Intense stimulation and pleasure bringing devices, its little wonder then why the brand has sold millions of units across the globe – the number one selling male masturbator in the world if we’re going to be blunt. Fleshlight creates a range of masturbation toys, male pleasure toys, lubricants – they want you to experience pleasure in new ways and they do an amazing job at doing so

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Fleshlight Flight Range Date Added: Friday 11 December, 2015

by Anonymous

Now all you Denzel Washington fans settle down. The Flight is a male masturbator not a fantastic movie about a drunk pilot!

Now ladies and gentle men, the cabin is about to turn on the fasten seatbelts sign, all cabin crew prepare for take off. The Fleshlight Flight is now in Flight, and the fantastic thing is you're the pilot.
The Fleshlight Flight is the sleeker, sexier, easier to carry version of the Fleshlight Original. It's slender shape is provides a very classy and exuberant vibe to it. Designed for travel, this beautifully designed masturbator is the perfect travel companion and a must have on long stints away from loved ones.

To the inside but.. Wow! The new texture is sort of like the Tenga flipholes, with the patterns are very similar. They have used the same texture design for the new Quick Shot designs as well. These textures are significantly more stimulating then previous plain designs by Fleshlight.

So before we land, i just want thank you for flying Air AJ Review and that you're reading time will be turned into Frequent Knowledge points.

This is you're captain signing off!

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