Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant
Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant
Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant

Key Features:

  • Water Based Lubricant
  • Long Lasting. No stains. No strings
  • Powder based formula makes it ideal for travel
  • Size: Each bottle holds 2.3 oz of powder
  • Combine with water to make your ideal lubricant

Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant

Manufacturers: The FP Company

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Shop Fistpowder Lube – the perfect blend of innovation and comfort. Purchase your personal lubrication gel for unforgettable moments.

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Product Description

Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant


Welcome to the forefront of intimate pleasure and satisfaction with Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant from The FP Company. This groundbreaking powder-based lubricant redefines the norms of personal intimacy, delivering an unparalleled experience that seamlessly blends innovation, hygiene, and affordability.


In a world where individual preferences and desires vary widely, Fistpowder stands out as a versatile and customizable solution. As a water-based lubricant, it introduces a level of adaptability that caters to a diverse range of intimate preferences. With a mere 5 to 7 grams, you can transform 500ml of water into a luxurious, silky-smooth lubricant, allowing you to tailor your experience precisely to your liking.


The simplicity and accuracy of Fistpowder's measurement system make it an ideal choice for those who seek precision in their intimate moments. No more guesswork or messy applications – just a carefully calibrated amount to enhance your pleasure without any fuss.


What truly sets Fistpowder apart is its unwavering commitment to hygiene. Free from preservatives, this powder-based formula ensures a clean, pure, and safe experience every time. Say goodbye to the stickiness and discomfort associated with many conventional lubricants; Fistpowder prioritizes your well-being, providing a level of cleanliness that enhances the overall pleasure of your intimate encounters.


Economy meets luxury with Fistpowder. Designed for efficiency, it proves that indulging in high-quality intimate experiences doesn't have to come at a high cost. The efficient use of resources means you get more pleasure per gram, making Fistpowder a smart and cost-effective choice for those who value both quality and savings.


Fistpowder isn't just a lubricant; it's a revolution in intimate care. Crafted by The FP Company, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, Fistpowder is a testament to our commitment to creating products that elevate your overall well-being. Our range extends beyond lubricants, including carefully crafted massage oils and other essentials, all designed to enhance and enrich your intimate moments.


Embrace the uniqueness of Fistpowder, a lubricant that transcends the ordinary. The hybrid formula seamlessly blends the best of both worlds, offering a lubricant that excels in terms of performance and versatility. Sensitive skin? No problem. Fistpowder is the solution, a lubricant that caters to your unique needs, providing a friction-free experience that prioritizes your comfort without compromising on pleasure.


At The FP Company, we believe in body-friendly lubrication that enriches your intimate experiences. Our products are meticulously crafted, ensuring that each encounter becomes a moment of connection and pleasure. Fistpowder is more than a product; it's an invitation to explore a world of enhanced sensations and intimate connection.


Elevate your intimate moments with Fistpowder, where innovation meets intimacy. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of a lubricant that is not just functional but transformative. The FP Company invites you to experience the difference – buy now and discover a new dimension of pleasure that awaits you.


In a world filled with choices, choose Fistpowder for an intimate journey that aligns with your desires, values, and commitment to quality. Make your purchase today and embark on a sensual adventure that is as unique as you are. Enhance your intimate encounters with Fistpowder – because your pleasure deserves the best.


The FP Company originate from Paris France and manufacturers Fist Powder Instant Body Lubricant.  A little of this powder in a bucket of water goes a long way.  This powder has been specifically designed for those that enjoy the are to fist-fucking and is a gentler version of many other products used for this purpose like Crisco (a cooking butter) and J-Lube a veterinary lubricant similar to Fist Powder.

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Reviewed By: Anonymous, On 06-02-2018 

Super slippery, works great tastes like He'll Lol, Wish I would known about this years ago.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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