Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant 65 gram

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Water Based Lubricants, Massage Oil, Instand Body Lubricant, The FP Company

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Fist Powder lubricant powder-based: 65gram. Fist Powder powder-based lubricant is water based. 1 bus is suitable for approximately 10 liters of water-based lubricant. Hygienic and economical!


The FP Company originate from Paris France and manufacturers Fist Powder Instant Body Lubricant.  A little of this powder in a bucket of water goes a long way.  This powder has been specifically designed for those that enjoy the are to fist-fucking and is a gentler version of many other products used for this purpose like Crisco (a cooking butter) and J-Lube a veterinary lubricant similar to Fist Powder.

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  • Fistpowder Instant Body Lubricant 65 gram
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