Fifi Leather with 5 Sleeves

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This masturbator is anything but high maintenance – no cleaning necessary and it's hygienic!
This masturbator is really easy to use – just pull the penis sleeve out of the masturbator once you're finished and throw it away just like a condom.

How to use:
Put the sleeve onto the foam-filled rectangular piece of material so that the opening sticks out a bit. Then roll it up (with the sleeve inside). Use the hook and loop fastener to keep the piece of material in place and then pull the sleeve over it so that it can now be used as a masturbator!
A little water-based lubricant turns it into a sex toy that is perfect for your individual needs. The warm, soft foam material means that you can decide how tight you want the masturbator to be when its massaging your best asset and whether you want to enjoy a fast or a slow climax. Once you're finished, just remove the sleeve and then put it in the bin! You can now enjoy your next solo sex session…
Set with a 19 cm long and 0.18 cm thick rectangular piece of material that's made out of PE foam and 5 disposable latex sleeves. The rectangular piece of material has a leather cover.



Creators of functional solutions that will enhance the male masturbation process whizworx male masturbators have got a hold on it.  Discreet and economical sex toys for men that will give you a no-frills opportunity to have great solo sex.  With their flagship Fifii strokers and masturbators blowing is just a click away.


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